Biography of Billie Holiday

By: Addie Krull

Mini Biography and impact

Eleanor Fagan, better known as Billie Holiday, is an icon in jazz music. With a voice like no other she had the power to silence a room with one note. But her life had not always been this way; born to an unwed teenage mother struggle was something she knew well. Growing up jazz had always been a part of her life, she spent her days listening to music. It was no surprise that when her and her mother moved to New York Billie began to perform in Harlem, where the start of her career began. She became friends with Lester Young and the two of them created some of the amazing music that she's known for. Throughout her career she teamed up with jazz players and together they made chart topping music. But her life was not all glitz and glam, she struggled with addiction and after many years sadly died from substance abuse. This did not change the impact that she had on society. She was known as one of the most influential jazz singers of all time. Her music changed the face of jazz and how people came to think of music. Her voice will always be remembered and thought of as a legend for its time.
Billie Holiday - Any Old Time

This song is called "Any Old Time", it's one of Bellie's many hits.


Bellie was known for her heartfelt songs so I want to know what was this song inspired by?