Bryce Canyon National Park Camping

Nick Moscati

Activities and accommodations.

We will be hiking down the backwoods 23 mile trail named the under the rim trail which goes through the woods. It will take 2 days to hike to the end and 2 more days to hike back. Bryce Canyon is one of the darkest places on earth meaning you can see more than 7,500 stars. This is one of the best places to star gaze. There will be 8 campsites along the trail and open flames are prohibited. As for sight seeing there are very unique rock formations to see that display different hues of red, orange and white.

People, supplies and costs

There will be three people going on this trip which will cost $15 for the backwoods camping permit. We will need warm cloths and layers as the low will be in the 20s. This trip will be happening in October because it will not be too hot. zero degree rated sleeping bags costing $119 each will be needed along with a 7 day 2 person meal kit which can be made using boiling water, costs $89. Hiking backpacks will also be needed which costs $99. It will most likely not rain and will be a dry, cold desert forest climate. for the two people 24 quarts of water will be needed in total, about a quart per 2-3 hours of hiking. A hotplate with fuel will cost around $50. We will use a 4 person tent for more space. It will cost $79.