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Happenings from October 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month

For Hispanic Heritage Month, students learned about the famous artist Frida Kahlo. The upper grade students also learned how to draw her and did a great job!

For October We Focused On Creepy Things!

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It's Pumpkin Season!

Students read several fiction books about pumpkins. Then they did a Mystery Science lesson on why pumpkins are so popular. It showed the students so many varieties of pumpkins and the biggest one grown so far.
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Dem Bones!

PK-second learned the names of bones in our bodies by reading the fun Texas 2x2 "Give Me Back My Bones". Third-Fifth read the EBSCO ebook "The Skeletal System" and did a Mystery Science lesson on why we have so many bones or what would happen if we didn't have a skull.
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Batty For Learning!

This was the first week we held in person classes and it was great to see the students in person! They learned all about bats by reading PebbleGo ebooks and ebooks from National Geographic For Kids. First and second grade learned how to draw a bat using letters of the alphabet.
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To finish out October and creepy creatures the school learned about spiders. First and second graders read a fiction and a nonfiction book about spiders and observed the characteristics of both. The upper grades read a National Geographic For Kids ebook about spiders and then did a Mystery Science lesson about what the biggest spider in the world is. We even had a live spider in the library for the students to check out.

Thank You to All Who Sent In A Photo of Their Pumpkin!

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Library Information

  • 22 instructional days
  • 133 lessons taught
  • 190 Sora ebook checkouts
  • Lessons focused on Frida Kahlo, nonfiction and fiction characteristics, all about pumpkins, spiders, bats and skeletons.