The Battle Of Bull Run

By Carla Guevara

first battle of bull run in Virginia

This was the second battle in the civil war. After the battle in fort Sumter, which was won by the confederate. the confederate army was led by Robert E. Lee, aside with 'Stonewall' Jackson. with the help of 'Stonewall' Jackson, he stood in the battle like a stonewall and had the union retreat in panic.


President Abraham Lincoln

He was the commander-in-chief in the union and called the generals who helped in the war and sent about 250,000 soldiers with them. But sadly, General McDowell retreated in panic from the battle. he sent another general named general Pope who was forced by the confederate to withdrawal from the battle.


'Stonewall' Jackson

he was the one who helped the confederate in the bull run. He came in with his reinforcement and stood in the war like a stone wall and fought until the union retreated. He then became known as 'Stonewall Jackson.

the union retreating from the confederate

the second battle of Bull Run

This war got more casualties than the last one. But this time, the Union army is more experienced in battle, not like the last time. this army was led by general pope. The confederate made a counter-attack which made general Pope withdrawal from the battle and retreat.


General of the Union army (gen. McDowell)

Confederate general (gen. Beauregard)

the outcome of both battles of Bull Runs

The outcome of the first and second bull run was land slot. The confederate won both wars. it came out as one of the most bloodiest wars during the civil war.