Children & Cellphones

Yay or Nay??

Why do children need cell phones?

-Social websites

-Contact parents


-Talk to friends

How will our classrooms be affected by kids recieving phones at an earlier age?


-Children will be more familiar with technology at an earlier age.

-Phones could be integrated into your class. Apps can be a good tools for diverse learners.


-Phones may be a distraction in the classroom.

-Phones can be a distraction at home (They may spend more time on their phone than doing their homework).

20% of children 6 to 11 own their own cell phones

-Why do students need a cell phone at such an early age?

-Will cellphones benefit or harm the child in the future?

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Courtney Bojarski

How do I use my phone?

-Talking to family and friends


-Checking emails

-Playing games

How many hours do I use my phone a day?

-I typically use my phone whenever I am not in class or at work. I'd say that this would average out to about 5 hours a day.

When did I get my first cellphone?

-I got my first phone, which I believe was a "Razor", is 7th grade. I got a phone to be able to keep in contact with my parents when I was participating in after school activities.

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Alicia Hartzler

How I use my phone:
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Camera
  5. Email
When I recorded how often I use my phone I found that I only sent 9 texts and spent about 3 hours in one day. Most of that time was spent on Facebook and Instagram.

I got my first phone when I was a freshman in high school. For more information on that check out my video.

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Reya Smith

How I use my phone?

- Email

-Articles/ News

-Social Media (Instagram, Snapchat)


On average I spend about 10 hours on my cell phone a day.

Monthly, I send/receive around 2,000 text messages.

My first ever cell phone was a boost mobile (chirp, chirp) "walkie talkie" phone when I was 12 to be used for emergencies only.

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Rebecca Angelini

How do I use my phone?

  • Calling/texting family and friends
  • Social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Snapchat
  • Checking & sending emails

How much time do I spend on my phone?

  • I am actively on my phone for about 7 hours a day. I mostly use my phone to communicate with friends that go to different colleges through texting and Snapchat.

When did I get my first cellphone?

  • I got my first cell phone in 6th grade. My parents got me a phone mostly for security reason and also because i was apart of after school activities.