Eastender Team Update

We S.O.A.R. from the East End!

PMS Houses

You've probably been hearing a lot about our new "Houses" here at Phillips. We've been working hard to use the houses as a way to drive our students to do their best. Often, students will earn points for their house for being attentive and prepared. But, we also use house points as a way to invite them to take risks (like participating at the front of the room) or to try their best (despite the outcome).

If you haven't yet heard about your student's house assignment, please ask them! All of the teachers are also sorted into houses. Here are the houses for our team of teachers:

Grit: Mr. Mattia and Ms. Clarke

Rèsolu: Mrs. Tolbert (Head of House)

Opus: Mrs. Whittington

Wandel: Mr. Harris (Head of House)

Farewell, Student Teachers

Mr. Harris and Mrs. Tolbert have said goodbye to their student teachers and are now back in front of the classroom. They had a wonderful time with Ms. May and Ms. Edgal, and the students were sad to see them go! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the gift bags for both of the student teachers!

A Blank is Not a Zero

Many parents have expressed that they are confused about the way we record missing work on Power School. We'd like to clarify what you might be seeing online. If the box for an assignment grade appears empty, this means that we have not entered the grade yet. This does not mean that the assignment is missing. However, if a zero has been entered, this means that the student has not turned in the assignment. A zero is a cause for concern, and students are welcome to speak to the teacher about making up that missing assignment during Activity Period.

Pens, Pencils, and Paper

We've noticed that A LOT of students have been asking to borrow or buy (with SOAR bucks) pens, pencils, and paper. We are currently running very low on these resources, so please check with your students to ensure that they have their necessary materials for class.

Teacher Wish List

Team Needs

Pencils (mechanical and wood)


Expo Markers

Individual Teacher Needs

Harris- Self-Inking "Completed" stamp like this.

Tolbert- Heavy duty magnets (any style)

Mattia- :) Size 1 diapers (He just welcomed his new baby boy, Evan!)

Clarke- Mechanical pencils

Whittington- Multi-colored computer paper

Physical Education

Students currently have Coach Staring for their P.E. class. Please email him directly with any questions or concerns related to that class. His email is: kstaring@chccs.k12.nc.us

Also, while we are glad that students are using deodorant after their class, we would like you to ask them to avoid using spray deodorants. We find that students use them in the hallways, which results in allergic reactions.