Quitters, Inc.

Stephen King


The center conflict of the short story "Quitters, Inc." The tittle represents this story very well. This story is about a man, Mr Morrison, who talks to his friend about how to quit smoking. His friend, Jimmy McCann, gives him this card of a place that is supposedly guaranteed for you to quit smoking. Mr. Morrison questions why he hadn't heard about this and learns it is because it is only advertised "by word of mouth." He goes in for an appointment and they have him sign a contract and make a deal with him, they will make it so he stops smoking but they have to watch him 18 hours a day and if he smokes someone close to him will get hurt. Through out the story he struggles with not smoking. The story centers around Mr. Morrison's internal conflict: his deciding to not smoke in order to make his family and friends safe.
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Plot Line

Exposition: Jimmy tells Morrison all about this way of quitting while they are in an airport. Morrison questions it at first but then he decides to try it.

Rising action: Morrison goes to his first sessions and meets Donatti. He is warned not to smoke or someone around him will be hurt.

Climax: Morrison decides to smoke and that he can't go without it. Once he smokes his wife gets electrocuted.

Falling Action: Morrison gets told he must lose a certain amount of weight

Resolution: Morrison meets up with Jimmy after he quits and meets his wife, he notices his wife was missing a pinky.

Figurative Language.

In the story "Quitters Inc." there is many use of figurative language. One use of figurative language is when Morrison is describing Donatti, "The smile looked all most predatory." This means that Morrison thinks Donatti looks hostile, he knows he wants to help him but is that really his true intention? This figurative language adds to the story because it gives the reader a way to depict Donatti's character.
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The major theme of "Quitters Inc." is Bad actions come in consequence. what this means is if you do something bad there will be a consequence. This is very similar to karma, if you do something bad something bad will happen to you. In this story Richard Morrison is trying to quit smoking so when he smokes his bad action had to come with a consequence. His consequence was that his wife was electrocuted.

Compelling Aspect

The most compelling moment of the story is when Richard Morrison smokes. Once he smoked many thoughts ran through my head like, what is going to happen? Who will get hurt? Will more than one people get hurt? Will he get Hurt? What will Donatti do? All these thoughts ran through my head from the time he smoked until his wife got electrocuted. I could not read that part fast enough because I was dying to know what is going to happen. This was the most compelling aspect of the story,"Quitters Inc."