To say hello...

Hola. = Hello.

¿Comó estás? = How are you?

¿Qué pasa? = What's up?

Buenos días. = Good morning/day.

Buenas tardes. = Good afternoon.

Buenas noches. = Good evening.

To say goodbye...

Adiós. = Goodbye.

Chao. = Goodbye.

Hasta luego. = See you later.

Hasta la vista. = See you later.

Hasta mañana. = See you tomorrow.

Hasta pronto. = See you soon.

Nos vemos. = We'll see each other.

To introduce...

¿Comó te llamas? = What is your name?

Me llamo... = My name is...

¿De dónde eres? = Where are you from?

Soy de... = I am from...

Mucho gusto. = Nice to meet you.

El gusto es mio. = The pleasure is mine.