Fairs in the 1940s

Time to ride the Farris wheel!!!!!!!!


My topic is about fairs. Fairs are something that people can come to and have fun and talk to people that you have never seen in a while. Fairs are also a good way to show off your farm animals and enter them in contest. Fairs are very fun to watch races and play fair games and ride rides with your friends. Fairs are fun to go to and always have been!

What were some races and rides?

wheels, carousels, wheel barrel race, pie eating contests, greased pig races (Americas library 3).

Greased pig races are we're they put grease on the pig and you have to catch it.

Why would people travel to the other Side of the country just to go to a fair?

People loved to show off there animals at the fair, they also liked to trad goods, and go to places they have never been, and socialize with other people (Americas library 1).

What was one main attraction to fairs in the 1940s?

Harness raceing was a main attraction and it brought a lot of horse men to fairs and complete the finest course track ( Wayne county fair history).

Where and when was the first fair?

The first fair was in 1841 at Syracuse N.Y ( fair and exposition)

Were people's hobbies to win a ribbon at fairs?

There were some people that there hobbies are training there horses ( granddaddy of fairs).

Where any fairs canceled?

McLeod county fair was almost canceled in 1946 because of polio epidemic illness that lots of people got (1940s McLeod county fair).

Fun facts

Source 1 fun fact people would camp by fairs so they don't have to go back home.

Source 2 fun fact the palmyra fair was know for the best county fair in New York State.

Source 3 fun fact Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and California get over a million visitors every year at fairs.

Sourse 4 the oldest fair is located in tops felid in Massachusetts.

Source 5 the McLeod county fair 4H exhibits focused on meat less meals and sugar less cakes due to the world war 2 rations.

Source 5 McLeod county fair were selling victory stamps and war bonds.


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