Danbury school D.C trip

comme learn about our nation history

Come help Danbury student rise money for their D.C trip

You can help for next year 8th graders D.C trip. They will need $410 to go. You can pay with cash or check. You can help by giving a little money to the students to get started

On Novmber 5th-8th

We will leave on Novmber 5th and be back and Novmber 8th.

Some of our tearcher will be coming ( Mr.Wicks, Mrs. Hartmans, etc.)

The girls will have a room with other girls and the boys will be in a room with other boys and that the boys are not allow to go over to the girls room on the trip


yuo can ask qusetion to to Mr. J Fetzer or Mrs. H Gast Their email @ is (fetzer@danbury.k12.oh.us) and (gast@danbury.k12.oh.us)

To email our two teacher who are going are Mr.J Fetzer and Mrs. H Gast