Tire Roll Relay

Big Wheels Keep on Movin'

For Your Information

Tires are boring. Except for the occasional horror experienced when one bursts or hits a nail, they’re simply an additional expense for your car. It’s amazing then, to see how many uses, both functional and aesthetic, that hard rubber can be bent toward. Tires are now a sought after material that can be used in clothing accessories ranging from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and belts. The durable material looks tough but is quite moldable and durable. Tires are an integral structural ingredient in Earth Ships, the incredibly low impact and environmentally friendly houses that are becoming increasingly popular. Tires are formed into walls and then filled with dirt and sealed in with a stucco-like material. They provide great insulation while reclaiming huge amounts of used rubber.


1. Each class will be divided into 5 groups, and lined up at the cones.

2. When given the signal to start, each person in the group will take a turn rolling their tire across the grass to the far cone, and then back to the start.

3. The group to successfully finish first, wins!

4. Shorten the distance between the cones for k-1 classes.

5. In the second race, groups will place a ball on the tire rims, and race, trying to keep the ball on the tire. If the ball falls off, it must be put back on to continue.