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October newsletter

Respect Life Month

Dear St. Matthew families and supporters,

October was a busy month filled with learning and many activities. We celebrated Respect Life Month by praying regularly for the unborn, wearing our Life Runner jerseys, and supporting a mother who chose life by having a "baby shower". We are blessed to be able to live our faith daily and show respect for life.

We look forward to meeting with our parents this week at parent/teacher conferences as we continue our partnership in learning and faith formation.

Many of our other events are highlighted below.

As we celebrate All Saints Day on Nov. 1, let us not forget that God has called each of us to be saints. May our daily work bring us closer and closer to that goal as we become better versions of ourselves!

Angie Palmer


Student of the Month

Congratulations to Grant Kegley in Kindergarten for being selected as our student of the month. Grant is a big helper in the kindergarten room and also on our campus. He spent his recess picking up all the trash he could find on our playground without being asked. Way to go Grant for living the Cardinal Way!
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Classroom Spotlight- PK- Mrs. Songcuan's class

Liferunners Support Life

Our second huddle of the year occurred on October 1. We also wore our jerseys on October 22 to commemorate Respect Life Month. With or without our jerseys, we remember the unborn every day!

On Oct. 28, we had visitors from the Archdiocese of Huehuetenango, Guatemala visit our school. Our sister school is part of this Diocese. We sent them a gift of Liferunner jerseys for our visitors as well as one for the principal, Sr. Andrea, from our sister school. We sent prayer cards with the Liferunner Creed as well as wrist bands for the students at our sister school, Santa Maria of the Assumption. These will be the FIRST Liferunners in Guatemala!

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Pictured above is the Principal, Sr. Nora, from Pope John Paul II School in HueHuetenango. Their school is near our sister school.

Sr. Nora's sister school is St. Stephen the Martyr here in Omaha.

Trunk or Treat

Our PTO organized another fantastic event on Oct. 22. We gathered outside in the lower church parking lot. Our friends and families decorated their vehicle's trunks, and then participants got to trick or treat.

The Knights of Columbus prepared hot dog meals for everyone.

The weather was nice and was a great parish and school community event!


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Congrats to our 7th/8th grade team for taking 1st place in the Cougar Classic! Way to go girls!

Heartland of America Air Force Band

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Grades 3-8 had an amazing opportunity to hear the USAF Band perform in our beautiful sanctuary. Each song was introduced and explained by the Band members as well as other instrument facts.

For many students, this was their first concert experience of this kind. We were very thankful for them choosing St. Matthew so we could provide this learning opportunity for our students.

Pink Out

Our student council coordinated a school-wide pink out to help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. We collected $142. Thanks to all who supported the cause.

Halloween Fun

Glow Stick Rosary

Our 5th graders set up glow sticks in the gym in the shape of a rosary. Throughout the day students came to the gym to pray the rosary, pray other prayers, or spend time in silence. Thank you Ms. Parr for your creative idea to bring the faith to our students!

Field Trips are BACK!

After a year off, we got to participate in a couple field trips.

1. Our 6-8 graders got to go to an overnight Outdoor Education experience at Camp Rivercrest in Fremont. Highlights were the zipline and the free fall. On the way back they stopped at Holy Family Shrine and enjoyed the beauty of the facility.

2. The Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd graders enjoyed the day at Vala's Pumpkin Patch. The day started off chilly, but turned out to be a nice day filled with pumpkin picking, giant pillow jumping, and bicycle racing (just to name a few).

Thanks to all our chaperones and teachers that helped on these trips. We couldn't have done it without you!

Red Ribbon Week

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In guidance class, all our students learned about the harmful effects of drugs and pledge to be Drug Free. Each student signed a hand print that became part of the larger Red Ribbon pictured above.


New to the newsletter is a section where we answer some of those questions that are often asked.

This week's question- "Why is adoration so important to Catholics?

Adoration is one of the five forms of prayer as taught by the Church and described in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC). Adoration is a particularly intimate form of prayer between God and us believers. In Adoration, our prayer ascends in the Holy Spirit though Christ to the Father and correspondingly our Father’s grace descends in the Holy Spirit through Christ to us (CCC #2627). It is a prayerful and adoring “conversation” between the Creator who loves us unconditionally and we who are called to transform to unconditionally love God in return.

Adoration prayer is often associated with Eucharistic Adoration, which we pray as students and staff here at St. Matthew’s school. In Eucharistic Adoration, Jesus is truly present to us as we gaze upon Him in the monstrance on the altar. In Eucharistic Adoration, silence is sacred. This makes sense when we recall that Adoration is a divine conversation with God. We have to be quiet and have an open heart and mind in order for us to “hear” God’s part of the conversation back to us. And, being quiet can be very challenging for all of us. It takes time to develop a fruitful habit of prayer. At first, our minds race with all types of thoughts. We’re distracted by what is going on around us. We sometimes feel compelled to “fill the silence” by just talking at God and not silently listening to what He wants to say back to us. But it’s very often in the sacred silence of Adoration that we notice that God affirms His love for us; He shares His dreams for us; and He answers those questions that are most dear to our hearts. But, patiently learning how to dwell in sacred silence in order to hear God takes patience.

A case in point. In the First Book of Kings, we meet the prophet Elijah. God has a very important message about a mission He wants Elijah to do--but Elijah isn’t hearing the message. Elijah does notice a great many distractions--but no God. Finally, as Elijah is resting in the quiet, he notices God as a “still, quiet voice.” In the sacred silence, Elijah is finally able to discern God’s will for him and is likewise strengthened to go forth and accomplish his mission. Like Elijah, we also have many great distractions that prevent us from hearing God’s still, quiet voice in our day-to-day lives. We have to patiently seek opportunities, however small, for sacred silence in our lives. Prayer in Adoration is one of the most fruitful ways to find that sacred silence that helps us discern God’s voice in our own lives.

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