Michael Skodnick

Hardworking Team Member of Trader Joe’s

Michael Skodnick

If there is one thing Michael Skodnick’s coworkers know, it is that he is a hard worker. Michael Skodnick spends all of his time on the clock working to make sure customers are being satisfied. Michael Skodnick is always on time and does not leave until the job is done. He never leaves a job half-finished and he always does everything to the highest of standards. Find Michael Skodnick at work and you’ll likely find him giving 100%.

Michael Skodnick: Well-Respected Man

Michael Skodnick is a well-respected man both in his personal life and his professional life. Being a well-respected man is not something that Michael Skodnick has consciously set out to do, he says, but rather seems to be a natural byproduct of his disposition.

That disposition, says Michael Skodnick, is to be a hard worker and a reliable person at work. In his job at the Rego Park Trader Joe’s, where he has worked for five straight years, Michael Skodnick has developed a reputation for hard work and integrity that have earned him the respect, if not the admiration, of his co-workers and managers. Michael Skodnick is a well-known and beloved face at the store, always working hard and keeping his great attitude. This is what has led to such high levels of respect for Michael Skodnick at work.

In his personal life Michael Skodnick maintains that devotion to hard work and integrity, focusing more on things like his guitar playing, which he constantly seeks to improve. Working hard in one’s personal life is in many ways even harder than working hard in one’s professional life, Michael Skodnick believes. In your personal life the only one holding you accountable is you, whereas at work there is always a manager or someone else around. Therefore Michael Skodnick believes it is a great challenge to hold yourself to a high standard in your own personal life. His ability to uphold his own standard has earned Michael Skodnick a great deal of respect.

Jamming Around with Michael Skodnick

Playing guitar is a great way to pass the time in Michael Skodnick’s book. He has been playing the guitar for a number of years, and is always searching for ways to improve his fretboard chops. Although he has been in a number of local bands throughout the years, Michael Skodnick’s favorite way to rock out these days is in jam sessions with his friends. These informal sessions are great fun, says Michael Skodnick, and totally free of the pressure of practicing and preparing for concert gigs. Michael Skodnick still enjoys gigging from time to time, but overall he gravitates more toward jam sessions.

Gigging can be a big hassle for bands, says Michael Skodnick. Scheduling gigs for smaller bands can be difficult, as the band has to do all the work in booking and promoting the show, working with the venue, and everything else that goes along with it. Often these gigs pay little money and are a lot of work, with the band having to haul all their gear to the gig and set it up just for a quick set or two, says Michael Skodnick. It can get to be a real drain after a long time of gigging.

Jamming, on the other hand, is almost the exact opposite. Michael Skodnick says that when he and his friends jam, it can be as simple as a couple guys with guitars playing songs together, riffing off each other, harmonizing, or doing whatever strikes their fancy. Lately this kind of music is what Michael Skodnick has been all about.

Traveling in Europe with Michael Skodnick

When he is able to take time off from his job working at the Rego Park Trader Joe’s, Michael Skodnick loves to take vacations. One of Michael Skodnick’s very favorite vacation destinations is traveling around Europe. Michael Skodnick has been to many countries in Europe, and cannot pick just one that he likes the most. One of Michael Skodnick’s favorite things to do is to travel to all different places by train or other methods, rather than staying in just one place for an extended period of time.

Michael Skodnick has recently spent time traveling around Europe, including stops in both the Netherlands and France, among others. Michael Skodnick’s current favorite European cities are Paris and Amsterdam, though he admits he has not been to nearly enough to know for sure. Perhaps Michael Skodnick’s new favorite city is one he has yet to even set foot in.

One of Michael Skodnick’s favorite things about traveling around Europe is the sense of adventure into the unknown. Michael Skodnick is fascinated by Europe and all its history, and likes to wander until he is almost lost. One of Michael Skodnick’s dreams is to strap on a backpack and just wander around Europe for a good long time. His employers and co-workers at Trader Joe’s would miss him too much, though.

Michael Skodnick’s love of Europe is not likely to diminish anytime soon. Even if he has just returned from a trip to Europe, you can bet that Michael Skodnick is already planning his next trip.

Michael Skodnick on the Value of Hard Work

Michael Skodnick believes deeply in the value of hard work in achieving your goals. Without hard work, says Michael Skodnick, you cannot hope to accomplish much of anything; with hard work, anything is attainable. Michael Skodnick has been working hard at his job at the Rego Park Trader Joe’s for five strong years now, and his hard work has paid off in the form of respect from his colleagues and managers alike, as well as his own sense of job satisfaction. For Michael Skodnick, you get out of something what you put into it, so his knowledge that he is working hard all the time serves to make him appreciate the results he sees in his job.

Michael Skodnick also applies this principle of hard work to his leisure pursuits. An avid guitar player, Michael Skodnick often practices the guitar for hours on end, seeking self-improvement one step at a time. It is a very rewarding pursuit, Michael Skodnick says, and every time he learns a new chord or technique on the guitar it causes him a good deal of satisfaction.

Some people are content to sit back and let life come to them, but that has never been Michael Skodnick’s way. He likes to work hard to be in the driver’s seat, in control of his own destiny. For Michael Skodnick, hard work is the glue that keeps it all together. Without continued hard work and sustained effort, he believes life would not have turned out nearly so well as it has.

Michael Skodnick on Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Michael Skodnick has been working for Trader Joe’s in Rego Park, New York for five years now. It is there that he has learned the importance of healthy work relationships, something that is vitally important to Trader Joe’s. Michael Skodnick would like to share with people what he has learned while working for them.

1) Communication is Key

You cannot develop a good work environment without healthy, open lines of communication. Michael Skodnick believes that people need to have the freedom and ability to discuss things in the workplace. Without open communication, Michael Skodnick is afraid employees will be hesitant to share things that would otherwise improve the business. Encourage employees to speak up, and listen when they do.

2) Foster Trust

While trust is something that must be earned, Michael Skodnick suggests fostering an atmosphere of trust from the very beginning. Give employees responsibilities that show you have a certain level of trust in them. Do be smart about it, but make sure people know you are not constantly looking over the shoulders waiting for them to mess something up.

3) Encourage Each Other

One of the responsibilities of a team of people is to encourage one another. Michael Skodnick suggests rewarding people, through verbal affirmation or physical rewards, when they do something well. People enjoy knowing they are appreciated and encouragement can go a long way in making that happen. Michael Skodnick believes that nothing sucks the energy out of a workplace like a lack of healthy encouragement.

Michael Skodnick’s Must-See European Cities

One of Michael Skodnick’s passions is traveling, especially throughout Europe. He spends a couple weeks each year visiting new countries, cities, and towns all across Europe, and along the way Michael Skodnick has developed a list of his favorite cities.

Bordeaux, France – Michael Skodnick loves Bordeaux for so many different reasons that it is hard to pinpoint just one. Michael Skodnick loves visiting the many vineyards and wineries in the area. Michael Skodnick also says that Bordeaux is a fabulous place to visit with family as it is small enough to be manageable on foot for even the smallest children.

Barcelona, Spain – Just like Rome, Barcelona offers its visitors a wide array of options. Michael Skodnick enjoys soaking in the architecture and rays above everything else. Barcelona is marked by unique Spanish architecture unlike anywhere else in the world and their beaches offer some of Europe’s most natural beauty. Trust Michael Skodnick when he says you need to visit Barcelona.

Paris, France – The fact that Paris is number three on Michael Skodnick list shows just how wonderful Europe is. Paris pretty much speaks for itself, but Michael Skodnick wanted to make sure and include it. He loves visiting the famous museums, monuments, and churches. Don’t leave Paris without a stop by the Louvre and pictures with the Eiffel Tower.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Amsterdam is literally like no other place in the world. It boasts beautiful cityscapes, incredible nightlife, and historical sites. Michael Skodnick loves spending time in the notorious coffee shops and cafes.

The Best Guitar Brands: According to Michael Skodnick

Once you have learned how to play guitar and perfected your talents, you will most likely be itching to upgrade your beginner guitar to a nicer one. Michael Skodnick knows the feeling all too well. After teaching himself how to play on a beat up old acoustic, Michael Skodnick went out shopping for a top-of-the-line guitar. He was a little intimidated by which of the hundreds of models and brands to choose from. Eventually he met someone who helped him out. Michael Skodnick would like to return the favor by telling you about a few of the best guitar brands on the market.

Gibson – These guys represent the top of the food chain. Michael Skodnick tells people to go for Gibson if they want high quality, rich sound, and unbeatable service. Just know that you will more than likely pay top dollar for a Gibson. Michael Skodnick believes it to be well worth it though.

Fender – Next in line is the classic Fender. Michael Skodnick believes Fender makes one of the best electric guitars, and for a pretty decent price. Fender’s core product is the Stratocaster.

Ibanez – Ibanez offers an unbeatable bang for your buck. It might not have the superb quality of a Gibson or Fender, but it does offer enough to please most amateur guitarists. Michael Skodnick believes the price to be the hands-down best in the market. For this type of quality Michael Skodnick notes that you would usually expect to shell out another couple hundred bucks.

Michael Skodnick Helps You Understand Guitar Tabs

People are often turned off of playing a musical instrument because they are intimidated by reading music. Michael Skodnick wants you to know that you don’t have to be able to read sheet music in order to play guitar. There is a great method of reading guitar music that makes it much easier. Michael Skodnick wants to point you to guitar tablature, or tabs for short.

Guitar tabs are the entire rave on the internet. Many people, including Michael Skodnick, have learned how to play guitar from developing an understanding of tabs. The good news is that they are very simple and easy to understand. Michael Skodnick believes anyone can learn to read tabs in a matter of just hours. The harder part is learning how to read them quickly.

Michael Skodnick notes that tabs are made up of six different lines, each relating to a string on your guitar. Michael Skodnick tells people to look at the lines in the same way you would look at your guitar when holding it. That means the top line on the sheet represents the ‘High E’ string, or the bottom string on your guitar. The bottom line on the sheet correlates with the ‘Low E’ string, or the top string on your guitar.

Michael Skodnick then directs people to the numbers and symbols on the tab sheets. The numbers on each line represent which fret to press on which string. The symbols then give you some stylistic advice. A ‘/’ represents a slide, an ‘H’ a hammer on, and a ‘P’ a pull off.

Michael Skodnick Discusses Trader Joe’s New Fall Products

Michael Skodnick has worked at Trader Joe’s in Rego Park, New York for the past five years. His favorite time of year at the store is fall, partly because of the interesting and unique products they bring to the store each year. This year is no different, and Michael Skodnick would like to help introduce you to three new products Trader Joe’s is offering, each with a pumpkin twist.

Pumpkin Croissants

Trader Joe’s new Pumpkin Croissants come in a frozen package of four. Just like Trader Joe’s other easy-to-fix croissants, the Pumpkin Croissants are ready to go straight out of the package. According to Michael Skodnick, all you have to do is remove them from the packaging and place them on a baking sheet to let them rise over night. Place them in the oven the next morning for 20 minutes and they are ready. Michael Skodnick likes them so much because of their crispy outside and chewy inside. The inside has pumpkin filling and the outside has crunchy pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin Body Butter

When you first open up the Pumpkin Body Butter, you are going to want to eat it. Michael Skodnick believes it smells that good. Apply the Pumpkin Body Butter to your skin. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky, while giving you a warm pumpkin smell.

Pumpkin Biscotti

The Pumpkin Biscotti is Michael Skodnick’s favorite product of the fall. Michael Skodnick loves the crunch and tastiness of these Italian-style biscuits. He suggests eating them with coffee or tea for the best experience.

Musician Michael Skodnick on Marketing Your Band

Michael Skodnick has spent many years playing guitar, including performing with multiple bands. While music is now only a hobby, Michael Skodnick learned a few things about the music industry while performing. He would like to provide amateur bands with a few tips on marketing and promoting themselves to gain more notoriety.

Learn how to effectively use social media. Michael Skodnick suggests starting up profiles on all the major sites, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Instagram. These are great free ways to promote your band. Michael Skodnick believes regularity is the key to using them successfully. Have one of the band members designated to make regular posts about upcoming shows, new music, and other interesting bits.

With your name out on the internet, it is important to start making some face-to-face connections. You should play as many free shows and gigs you can when first starting out. Michael Skodnick believes this is a great way to just get your name out there. Ask friends to come to you shows, and tell them to bring their friends. According to Michael Skodnick, word of mouth is your best friend.

The next big step is to develop a demo CD. Live shows are great, but you need to provide fans with something they can listen to over and over. Michael Skodnick has found repetition to be the key in developing a successful fan base.

These are just a few of things you can do, but Michael Skodnick has found them to work well for his bands in the past.

Michael Skodnick’s Favorite Cities in the United States

Michael Skodnick enjoys traveling all across the world, but sometimes there is nothing quite like home. As much as he loves vacationing in Europe, sometimes Michael Skodnick would just like to take advantage of some of the cities in his native country. Here are Michael Skodnick’s favorite cities in the United States.

Knoxville, Tennessee – When Michael Skodnick is looking for a fun place to visit that combines beautiful scenery with a rowdy local culture, he heads to Knoxville, Tennessee. The home of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville is tucked away in the mountains of East Tennessee. Michael Skodnick enjoys the food, music and compelling local culture of the area. When Michael is in the Knoxville area, he enjoys eating at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant & Grill in nearby Sevierville.

Washington, District of Columbia - Michael Skodnick loves spending time in our nation’s capital. When Michael Skodnick visits Washington, D.C., he enjoys visiting many cultural attractions including the Smithsonian and various national monuments. Additionally, Michael Skodnick is quick to note that Washington, D.C. is a wonderfully easy city to navigate by public transportation.

Boston, Massachusetts – Travel all the way over the East Coast and you’ll find the beautiful town of Boston. Michael Skodnick loves Boston because of its patriotism, rich history, good food, and fantastic sports scene. Because he lives in New York, Michael Skodnick will often take a weekend trip up to Boston.

Richmond, Virginia – When Michael Skodnick wants a taste of southern hospitality, he heads to Richmond, Virginia for a quick weekend. Michael Skodnick says that he enjoys many things about Richmond, Virginia, including the food and the local attractions. Plus, Richmond has a vibrant music scene that Michael Skodnick greatly enjoys as a musician.

Michael Skodnick on Qualities of Good Team Members

Michael Skodnick has been a part of many different types of teams over the years. He has played on little league sports teams, been a part of a few bands, and worked for multiple companies. Through his experiences, Michael Skodnick has learned what it takes to be a good team member. He would like to share what he believes to be four of the most important characteristics of a good team member.

Reliability – A team will never work without reliable members. Michael Skodnick believes reliability to be the single most important quality of a team member. If you can’t count on someone to be where they should and do what they say they will, the team’s integrity is compromised.

Good Communication – Communication is super important in the context of a team. Whether you are on a sports team or collaborating on a project in the workplace, Michael Skodnick believes in perfecting your communication skills. Any successful group needs to be able to clearly talk through problems and find solutions.

Flexibility – Nothing is worse than a stubborn team member. Michael Skodnick suggests working on your ability to be flexible in order to be a good team member. Things don’t always go the way they should, so you need to be ready to make changes on the fly.

Respectfulness – Some of the most successful teams Michael Skodnick has been a part of have been based on mutual respect. Team members need to respect each other in order to get along and achieve the desired results.

Michael Skodnick’s Top Reasons to Travel

If given the chance, Michael Skodnick believes everyone should travel the world. He personally loves traveling all across Europe. Michael Skodnick considers traveling to be one of the biggest ways a person can learn about culture and the world around them. Here are Michael Skodnick’s top five reasons to travel:

First and foremost, Michael Skodnick has found traveling to be a chance to see things he never would have seen otherwise. Without traveling, you are putting yourself in a safe bubble where you are familiar with everything around you. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone while broadening your horizons.

Secondly, Michael Skodnick enjoys the stories he always comes back with. Michael Skodnick has done things that he will remember the rest of his life; things he will one day tell his children about. His traveling experiences give him the opportunity to tell exciting stories and great tales.

The third reason is to build relationships. Michael Skodnick has found this to be true in a two-fold sense. Whenever he travels with somebody, Michael Skodnick has an opportunity to grow his friendship with that person. He also gets the chance to meet people in different countries and develop relationships with them.

Fourth, Michael Skodnick has become a better-rounded person. Traveling, in and of itself, teaches you a lot. You will find yourself learning life skills along the way.
And Michael Skodnick’s fifth reason for traveling is simply for the fun of it. Michael Skodnick has done some of the most exciting and fun things of his life while traveling to different places.

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Through years of hard work, honesty, and dedication, Michael Skodnick has gained the respect of his coworkers at Trader Joe’s in Rego Park, New York. People respect Michael Skodnick because of the way he carries himself and interacts with others. Michael Skodnick is never selfish; instead he puts the customer before everything else. That is one of the reasons the management team at Trader Joe’s has kept Michael Skodnick for almost five years now.