What we want from the rain forest!

Rubber Tappers

Information about the rubber tappers

The rubber tappers, came to the Amazon rain-forest in 1870's. The process of rubber tapping is very simple. It includes doing these steps. 1). We make a downward spiral on the bottom of a tree trunk. The spiral allows the latex ( or as some people night call it, sap) to slowly come out of the trunk into a cup at me bottom of the tree Ammonia solution helps prevent the natural coagulation then allows the latex to remain in it liquid form.

The only thing rubber tappers want for their rain forest

One thing that the rubber tappers want/need in the rain-forest is that they need people to the wide-spread clearing of the trees. They have asked the government to preserve some land but they have yet to do it. The rubber tappers believe that it is their land because they were there first and they have worked there for so long. They also believe that their way of life does not harm the rain forest.
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