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Celebrating Our Most Honest!

Message from Mr. Rutherford

Hey there responsible cougars! This week we are celebrating our Cougars of the Month from March! They are the most Honest students we have on campus and working from home. Keep up all the hard work and remember to be extra responsible at home and with your school work so that you can make the Cougar of the Month list for April!!!! Your teachers and I are watching closely.

March Cougars of the Month!!!! Staying Honest!!!!

Cougars of the Month - March

Look at these wonderful reasons why the students were chosen!!

· Juan Carlos is a wonderful student and always tries his best. Congratulations Juan Carlos I am very proud of you.

· Jeremiah is a wonderful student and he is very honest with his teacher and friends. He is a great role model to his peers.

· Juliana is a very honest young lady. She is always willing to give you an honest answer. Juliana is a good and honest friend to all she meets. I am glad to have her in my class.

· Mila is such a great friend! She is a good listener. She is loyal and honest. She always helps her classmates and teachers. She always shares. We are all so glad she’s in our class!!

· Isaac is an amazing student. I love having Isaac in our class. He is a great class leader who is always honest and trustworthy!

· Brooks is very kind, hard working and a helpful student. He is always willing to help his friends no matter what. When it comes to telling the truth, Brooks is definitely the person on the job. I can always count on him to be honest with me and all his friends. We are lucky to have such a sweet soul in our classroom. Way to go “Brooks”!

· Da’Sharay is a hardworking student who shows responsibility every day. She takes care of our routine and does her best to stay on task and finish her assignments. Da’Sharay shows responsibility by being a good friend and helping others make good choices.

· Scarlet is a friend to everyone in class. She is open and honest about her feelings. She has made great progress this year and I am so proud of her!

· Elizabeth you were chosen for Cougar of the Month because you are so humble. You are very genuine in and out of the classroom. I admire you so much.

· I selected Christopher as my Cougar of the Month for Honesty because Chris is always honest. Chris always speaks the truth even when it can be difficult. He is faithful and has great integrity. I am beyond proud of him. Keep up the awesome work Chris!

· Makayla is a great example of the saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” She stands up for what is right and tells the truth, even if the truth carries a consequence. She is a student that I can trust at all times and I am so glad she is a part of my class!

· Saharah is a hard worker and has a positive attitude. She has been doing a great job with this educational outreach program. I am extremely proud of her and am glad she is in my class. Keep up the hard work Saharah!

· Lara is such a sweet young lady. She maintains positive friendships and shows honesty at all times. I am so blessed that Lara was put in my class this year. Her smile is contagious and she always has the best attitude towards everyone.

· It is a true pleasure to have Jesus in my classroom. He always makes sure his work is done and willing to help anyone else that needs help. Thank you Jesus for going above and beyond.

· Alex has many great characteristics as a student and a classmate. However, there is one thing that makes Alex unique—his honesty. No matter the situation is, Alex always tells the truth. I am so glad he is a part of our class.

· Cayden is a great student and friend. He is always helpful in class, and of course that has not changed now that we are all working from home. He has been rocking all of his online studies. I am thankful I have the opportunity to be his teacher!

· Mariano is always a very honest student. I can always trust him to tell me the truth.

· I chose Vivian because she is honest about the effort she puts into her schoolwork. She has become such a hard worker and I love to see her amazing creations for Science and Math projects. She is a leader in our classroom and I hope to see her become a leader in our community. Great job Vivian!

· I chose Gavin for encouraging his friends during tough times. Gavin also offered to peer tutor his classmates that needed the extra practice.

· I chose Ruby as my student of the month because she demonstrates pride and excellence in everything that she does. I can always count on Ruby to be a leader and active participant in class and her learning. I so love having her in my class!!

· Saleen is an excellent and is always nice to her fellow students. She treats her peers and the adults at the school with honesty and respect. She is always helpful and is a pleasure to have in my class.

· Mark is always honest. He is always honest about his feeling s with his friends and teachers.

· K-Dhen shows honesty in many ways. If he is asked about something he always tells the truth, even if he may get into trouble. He says how he feels and has a wonderfully kind heart. During this time he has been doing a great job of putting first things first and making sure to always do his best. I am so proud to have him as a student!

Final Thoughts

You are all so amazing at staying strong and dedicated to becoming the best people you can be. I am so proud of all you are doing. Stay strong cougars and stay diligent in your learning.