Langston Hughes

By: Micaela Dickerson


James Mercer Langston Hughes, or for short Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri on February 1, 1902. As a young kid his parents separated , so Langston and his mother moved around a lot but they finally settled down in Cleveland, Ohio were Langston first started to write poetry. Around this time Langston's favorite poets were Carl Sandburg and Walt Whitman, these authors really pushed him to become a great writer. Langston worked every day and night to get his poetry read, he would submit his writings to poetry magazines but they would get rejected.

Hughes graduated high school in 1920 and spent that year in Mexico were his father lived. Hughes wrote a poem called "The Negro Speaks of Rivers", it was published in a magazine called "The Crisis", and it was highly praised. This was start of everything for Hughes, this lead him to be apart of Harlem's Culture movement, what is known as the Harlem renaissance.

His Impact

Langston Hughes was someone you could appreciate in the 1920's he was the voice for African Americans, his poetry helped shape the American literature and politics. In his poetry, novels, plays and essays he portrayed equality for everyone by using his creative writing. Its right to say that he was the most important writer of the Harlem Renaissance era.
Mini Bio: Langston Hughes
Who did Langston Hughes speak to or who did he speak for?