Osanni Drake

Conflicts In Cuba

The Cuban military was believed to have attacked the Spanish. Spain later decided to take action into their own hands and send a commander to put down the uprisings. General Valeriano Weyler decided to put some of the soldiers into reconcentration camps. Those were unsanitary, overcrowded prison camps that provided little food or shelter causing thousands of deaths, most of them from disease and starvation. I don't believe that putting the Cuban citizens in camps was a good idea for ending the uprisings.

U.S.S Maine

De Lome Letter

The De Lome Letter was a terrible incident that no one saw coming. The U.S.S Maine was a battleship sunk in Havana Harbor on 1898. The event helped rouse the public. The De Lome Letter was a letter that was not meant to be published in the paper. The letter was sent to a friend in Cuba, but was taken out of the mail and was taken to the journal to be printed to the public. In the letter it stated how president McKinley was a bad politician. In the sinking of the U.S.S Maine, the U.S responded. They stated that the attack was caused by an underwater mine.

Battlefront Report

The wars in Cuba are starting to increase. Philippines was were the war first took place. Though the conflict started in Cuba, the war ended up in the Philippines. Rough Riders were volunteer cavalry regiment recruited by the president to fight in the Spanish-American war. Manila Bay came next. George Dewey the commodore at the time, went down to Manila Bay and opened fire on the Spanish fleet. Cuba was next. The U.S set up a blockade of Havana and the north coast of Cuba. However some troops were able to slip past the blockade and into the Santiago de Cuba. During the war, about 5,500 Americans died. Most from malaria and yellow disease. San Juan Hill was the key battle during the Spanish-American war. By nightfall the U.S had taken the ridge completely.

Political Cartoon

The cartoon refers to the clashing views of the Philippines during the war in the 1900's. The men cutting down the tree are referred to as the Philippines. The two men standing in the back are Theodore Roosevelt and the mascot of our nation. Platt Amendment was stated that it added to the conditions of taking out the U.S troops in 1902 allowing the united states to intervene with Cuban affairs. The Anti-Imperialist League was made for people who opposed the formation of the U.S colonies.
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