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Week of November 16, 2015

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2nd Quarter

Monday, November 16, 2015 marks the beginning of the 2nd quarter. On Monday, take some time to re-establish expectations with your students. Revisit the 5 Pillars. Make them feel welcome. Help them understand your expectations.

As you plan for Q2, consider our PD on Friday. Social Emotional Learning and Rigor must compliment each other. Take time to share your learning from Friday with a colleague who attended another PD. (If you were not there on Friday, an article is in your mailbox.)

Welcome Back

Welcome Back to Ms. Bentley. She will be back in her classroom on Monday!

Report Card Pickup

Report Card Pick-Up will be from 12 to 6 on Thursday. We WILL NOT pause for an hour lunch this year. Teachers will be allowed to take a 20 minute break as necessary throughout the day (bring a lunch or a snack). Please make sure you are seated in the cafeteria by 11:55 and ready to receive parents.


Congratulations to Ms. VanHorssen who will be leading our Raby CTU. I will continue to meet with the PPC on a regular basis to discuss your concerns and to share any of my concerns.

Quarter 1 Celebrations

There were many things to celebrate from Q1.

Mr. Barendt received a Donor's Chose grant.

Mr. Draper put together a great College Trip to Southern Indiana University.

Mr. Kosko, Ms. Cannon, and Ms. Burrage have been doing a good job recruiting the class of 2020.

Mrs. Dacres and Ms. Angela have been doing a great job of leading the attendance team.

Ms. Haskin worked to lead our SEL groups.

Ms. Davis has worked tirelessly on medical compliance.

Coach D has led many restorative conversations with students and parents.

We have had a great first quarter.

Please remember to track our successes using the Success Tracker. It only takes 2 minutes.

All of the small things that we do each day come together and lead the way for us to move to a LEVEL 2+ school.


Also, please load any pictures that you may take on the shared drive.

Don't forget your thankful challenge!

For the next two weeks, I am announcing our "Raby THANKFUL CHALLENGE". Each week, I am challenging you to write a call out to at least 3 people. Tell them why you are thankful for them. Please take part in the "Raby Thankful Challenge".

Have a great week!