Safe Online Talking

Tips On How To Be A Safe Internet Explorer User.


1. Don't talk bad about yourself or others.

2. Don't get on websites that you know your not supposed to be on.

3. Don't give into peer pressure.

4. Don't give out personal information.

5. Don't put bad pictures where everyone can see them.

A short story about someone who gave into peer pressure.

A Bad Ending... Amanda Todd.

She decided to get on a website she knew she shouldn't have got onto. She gave into peer pressure, and took a bad picture. Eventually everyone started to make rumors, and start everything that she couldn't control. She tried suicide a bunch of different times. Amanda tried once, drinking bleach and immediately went to the emergency room. She attempted once more and accomplished her goal on death. She was a very nice girl and its crazy how one thing you do on the Internet can become a snow ball effect. It astonished everyone what happened to her. With more details about the story.... go to
Amanda Todd Suicide - FULL ORIGINAL VIDEO