By: Paul You, Vedanta Dasu, David Kim, and Nikita Nasta

Origin of Judaism

Origin of Religion: The origin of Judaism started 400 years ago in the Middle East, from the partriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Basic Religious Beliefs: Judaism teaches that every person was created “b’tzelem Elohim” which in English means “in the image of God.” Because of this, they believe everyone is equally important and has infinite potential to benefit the world. Everyone can make choices of freewill but will have to be responsible for the consequences afterwords. They also believe that Jews are uniquely connected together.

Classification of Religion: Judaism is a monotheistic faith, in which there is only one god.

Below is a table portraying the branches and division of Judaism.

This is a video about the origin of Judaism.

Origin of Judaism - Abraham & Sarah - #2

Geographic Distribution

How the Religion Diffused: Judaism is diffused through relocation diffusion, but mostly stayed in Israel.

Holy Places: Israel itself is a very sacred place to Jewish people. Jews who does not live their try to visit their at least once in their life. One of the important city is Jerusalem because the original temple is their.

Where is it practiced today: This religion is mainly practiced at Israel but they are all over the world because where there are people there must be at least one that is Jewish. The Jewish population is around 1% throughout the world.

Number of Followers: There is 1% of Jewish people around the world.

Unique Features

Short Introduction to Judaism!

Essential Question

How does Judaism influence the actions of the followers around the world?