CCIHS Library

Volunteer Task List--Choose your favorite chore!

Tasks for Our Library Angels

  • Re-shelve books located in the book carts to the right of the circulation desk.
  • Help with check in and check out at the circulation desk.
  • Gather books on a teacher's list for an upcoming class.
  • Conduct a Shelf-Test in which you check books from a randomly generated list to see if books are being re-shelved properly. (Be sure to mark any books that you are unable to locate.)
  • Take some creative photos of our students in the library today with your smart phone and then email them to the library at (Be sure to get the names and grades of the students in your photos and send them to us in a separate email.)
  • Sign-up to provide and /or serve some yummy after school snacks for one of our Homework or Book clubs!
  • Take inventory of size, color, condition, and style of the formal dresses donated so far to our new Cinderella's Closet. (Please make a special note of any repairs or dry cleaning that needs to be done.)
  • Assist and chaperone one of the after school teen-led book clubs.
  • Assist with a subject such as Reading, Math, or English for one of our after school Homework Help sessions.
  • Type and enter library posts located in the tray labeled "Social Media Posts" located at the back of the circulation desk.
  • Take an inventory of craft supplies listed on the laminated sheet behind the circulation desk that will be used in the next Makerspace day. (Inventory sheets can be found in a tray on the first shelf in the craft supply closet.)
  • Wipe down empty study tables with paper towels and the sanitizing spray kept in the bottom left drawer behind the circulation desk.
  • Take down all of the items pinned to the bulletin board and place them in the empty box provided to you by the Librarian or Assistant Librarian.

Wanted: Crafty Volunteers

CCIHS is looking for a few volunteers who have a way with a needle when it comes to sewing, knitting, or crocheting to help teach teens some of these valuable skills on our special Makerspace days held the first Friday of each month. If you are already a Library Angel, please let our library staff know you are interested in helping. If you are a new library volunteer, please contact us via email at or call Librarian Gayle Deaton at (502)-555-1212, ext. 254.

Thanks for being a library Angel!

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