Mr. King's Weekly Newsletter

Week of May 9th to May 13th of 2016

This week in 5th grade...

  • Mathematics-We will take quiz 10-3 and review on Tuesday and take the Chapter 10 test on Wednesday. We will start our new unit on Measurements on Wednesday with Chapter 11. Students will measure unit of lengths, weights, and capacity on Weds to Friday. We will take quiz 11-1 on Thursday.
  • Science: Students will observe crystals formed from salt solutions that remained from evaporated salt solutions and read science stories about our 92 elements and salts.

  • Social Studies: Students will discuss and describe the Boston Tea Party. Students will write about their feelings and thoughts about the Boston Tea Party in a Friendly Letter to their correspondence.

  • Reading: Students will share and discuss their ideas about music and how artist use music to inspire others. They will read, "Mahalia Jackson" out loud to their partners working on proper expressions, tone, pace, and without error. They will work on determining the author's purpose, plot, characters, and setting for the story.

  • Writing: Students will be writing a description on music. Students will choose vivid adjectives and sensory words to write about their topic. They will revise their paper on Thursday and their Final paper is due on Monday 5/16.

Next week...

  • Mathematics: We will continue with Chapter 11-Use Measures in Customary System.
  • Science: Students will separate dry mixtures, saturation, and salt & citric-acid saturation.
  • Social Studies: Students will be declaring their support for the Loyalist or patriots and conducting a meeting to state and debate their position on independence and stating the town's position.
  • Reading: Students will read and talk about how do artists create special effects to entertain us.
  • Writing: Students will write a piece of expository text comparing and contrasting watching television program to watching a movie.

Important Dates

  • 5/11 and 5/13 i-Ready Testing
  • 5/23-5/27 CTP Testing for 4th-5th grade
  • 5/27 Farmer's Market
  • 5/30 Memorial Day-No School