By Jess w

Animal jokes

Q1:What animals are sweet?

A1:Honey bees

Q2:Why didn't the chicken cross the road?

A2:Because it was stuck to chewing gum.

Q3:Whats a cows favourite day of the moo calender?

A3:Moo years day

Garden jokes

Q1:What beans don't grow in gardens?

A1:Jelly beans

Q2:What did the dog say when he sat on sand paper?


Q3:What tomatos don't grow on plants?

A3:caned tomatos

Other jokes

Q1:What do you call a pig with 4 eyes?


Q2:What fish don't move?

A2:dead ones

Q3:Why was the foolish man fired from the banana factory?

A3:because all the bananas were bent and the foolish man thought that they was broken