WMS Weekly Mission

What is going on @ WMS? April 27, 2015


As I thought about what this week might bring, I had to remind myself that no matter the extent we prepared there will still be things that happen that we did not foresee. There have been countless times in my life where I have prepared to the best of my ability to only get a curve ball thrown right at me. But over the years, I can say that I have learned one of the most important lessons of life, flexibility. If I wrote a quote about this life lesson it would say "preparation does not equal perfection". I have to remind myself often that even though I have high expectations the reality is it just may not go the way I planned in my own head.
I say all this to say, that even though we have gone over this weeks activities with a fine tooth comb, we need to be flexible if the unexpected happens. This is something I will be reminding myself of this week and I hope that together we can remain calm and help each other if problems do arise.
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Exciting News: Dr. Medlin approved for the middle school to hire an additional position for the 2015-16 school year. This is the position that we discussed at our February faculty meeting (lower level science, lower level social studies, and STEM elective). We hope to have a recommendation to Dr. Medlin by the end of this week. As far as the other positions we had open this spring, we have either filled them or recommended someone to hire at the next board meeting. We have been very blessed this hiring season with high quality candidates and we look forward to what each person will be bring to our team next year.

Monday, April 27

  • MAP Testing (8th grade Math in the morning and 7th grade ELA in the afternoon)
  • Track meeting @ Nixa @ 4:00
  • Softball @ Marshfield 4:30
  • No meeting after school - enjoy the afternoon

Tuesday, April 28

  • MAP Testing (8th grade Math in the morning followed by regular classes for both grades)

Wednesday, April 29

  • MAP Testing (8th grade ELA in the morning and 7th grade Math in the afternoon)

Thursday, April 30

  • MAP Testing (8th grade ELA in the morning and 8th grade Science in the afternoon)
  • 7th grade band trip - leaving around 10:15
  • Softball @ Home vs Hollister 4:30

Friday, May 1

  • MAP Testing (8th grade Science in the morning)
  • MAP reward day in the afternoon - updated schedule sent out today
  • Softball @ Ozark (tournament Friday and Saturday)