Weekly Staff Notes #3

Sept. 19, 2016

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34 weeks left to celebrate our students!

It was a great week. Students are engaged and learning. I was able to observe several classrooms and am impressed with all your hard work.

I understand there may be some clarification needed with our 'snack' policy and 'homework' policy.

When it comes to snacks - healthy is the best bet and yes - we have money available if your class needs snacks. Let me know. No child should ever go hungry and with our later lunches, it is hard for our kiddos to hang in there when they are hungry.

When it comes to homework - please understand that my intent with opening the discussion on 'read only' does not make it a school-based policy. Rather, the research was provided to encourage thinking and questioning. It was given to you to think and process your classroom expectations.

For either of these items, please ask questions if you have them!

Have a great week 3!


Francesca :)

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Announcers this week: Butler

Lunch room this month: Office, Brenda and Patty

This week...

Sept 19 - Staff Meeting @ 2:15 (3rd grade pod)

Sept 19 - FS @ District Meeting 3:45

Sept 20 - SPED Meeting @ 1:00

Sept 20 - PSU Student teacher meeting @ 3:00

Sept 21 - Date Teams with 1st grade @ 7:15

Sept 21 - Principal Directed Academic Seminar (SAFE SCHOOLS 1:45-3:15)

Sept 21 & 22 - PLAYWORKS Training (Odelsa, Melisa, Evelin, OUT)

Sept 22 - FS Out @ PLAYWORKS @ 9:00

Sept 22 - Safety Meeting @ 2:15

Sept 22 - Paper Tigers Movie and Pizza @ 4:00

Sept 22 - PTA Meeting @ 7:00 in the library

Coming up...

Sept 27 - FS Out @ Elementary Leadership Meeting - ALL DAY

Sept 28 - Date Teams with 2nd grade @ 7:15

Sept 28 - Teacher Directed Academic Seminar

Sept 29 - CARE Meeting @ 12:30

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Communication with Our Families & Social Media

In reviewing your grade level packets as well as sitting in on some presentations, it has come to my attention that we are really communicating with our parents! Way to go Staff! This is terrific. Our families deserve and need that communication. It not only helps them feel secure about their students at school but it also bridges that home to school connection that we strive for as a staff.

That being said - I will ask ALL to do the following:

1. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Are you using Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Google Classroom? SeeSaw? Remind? Something else? Please let Teri and I know. We are working on a way to link your individual site to our district website. Our school webpage should ALWAYS be the #1 way to access school-classroom-student information! The sooner we get all links in our hands, the quicker we can get it linked to our Ladd Acres homepage.

2. Make sure you know which students cannot be on the internet. We have a handful of students. Review and ensure they are not in pictures.

3. Follow this rule - NO single shot pictures of students and no names of students!

4. If you every have questions, ask me! :)

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Paper Tigers - Movie Viewing this Thursday 9/22 @ 4:00

Join me this Thursday, 9/22 at 4:00 in the Library for a viewing of Paper Tigers. Many of us could not make the district viewing of the movie so I obtained a video for our school. I will provide dinner for all that attend so I will need you to RSVP. I have not viewed the movie but I hear it is life changing! Consider joining me.

Trailer: http://kpjrfilms.co/paper-tigers/

Focused Learning Teams

I assigned the remaining licensed staff members that did not communicate their wishes to a focused learning team. This specific focused learning team choices are Climate/Culture which will focus on PBIS and Restorative Practices, ELA which will focus on Writing and Math which will focus on mathematical practices and discourse. The work that we do with this group will include looking at data but more importantly, reading a book and leaning on each other for collaboration and expertise. We will begin on Monday at 2:15 in Amanda's room.