Weekly Update

March 13

Important Dates

Next Week: Remember to read and record vocabulary nightly. Bring your RTS book to class!

Friday: Field Trip

March 24 - Curriculum Fair

March 27 - Full Day

March 30 - Spring Picture Day

April 2 - Celebration of Learning Day

A Full Week of School...

How delightful to have a full week of school! We are back to our regular routines and picking up speed! :)

This week we continued to explore poetry through our read-aloud, Love that Dog. This book had allowed us the opportunity to identify poetic devices that authentic poets use in their writing as well as enjoy a story written in poems. We continue to work on grammar skills and apply those to our writing as well; this week we worked with prepositions. Students are finishing up animal adventure stories that deals with behavioral and physical adaptations.

We visited Study Island (an excellent online SOL experience/prep) and began the process of becoming more savvy test takers by taking the reading pretest. If you are not familiar with Study Island have your 5th grader show you. They should be taking 15 questions on each subtopic and really thinking through the questions. I encourage you to sit with your student at some point soon listen to them talk through their reasoning as they complete some of these testing simulations (feel free to lend a helping hand in the reasoning / discussion as well!) Study Island also has a math component that is math level specific that your student should use as well. We will make use of our Study Island subscription at school and at home.

In science we have begun our unit on living systems. Learning about cells as well as the plant and animal kingdoms is fun change of pace in science!

Rose Math: Probability, ratios & tree diagrams. We have been investigating experimental and theoretical probability in the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. This has been an active, data filled math investigation. We continue to review fractions, decimals as well as prime /composite numbers.

Jones Math: Students have been working on calculating area, perimeter of a polygon as well as diameter, radius and circumference of a circle.

Field Trip

Our Field Trip is scheduled for next Friday! We are excited about seeing the aquarium and museum exhibits as well as The Great White Shark the IMAX movie. Thank you to Mr. Ham and Mr. Bonner who are the two chaperones who have volunteered to go with us. We will board the buses by 8:20 and will leave CSES at 8:30 - we are scheduled to return between 4:45 and 5:00. I will send home a letter next week with a few more details.

Iditarod / I-Did-a Read Trivia

Trivia Question:

What do the winners of the Iditarod receive? Are there any other prizes handed out to mushers? If so, what?

You can find the answer to this question by visiting our library catalog hanoverschools.follettdestiny.com and heading to Enchanted Learning on the CSES Library Home page.

In the search engine, type the word "Iditarod." Open up the first link that is titled, "Iditarod Dog Sled Race." Read this article yourself, or with a parent, and answer the question on a sheet of paper to give to your teacher on Monday. Make sure you include your first and last name along with your teacher's name on the paper.