Louisiana Background Check / Arrest

Public Records Search in Louisiana. How to do it for free.

Uncovering Public Record Information In Louisiana is a breeze using the tips in this guide.

It is hard to gauge someone over the telephone or maybe with a brief get together. Most of us know not get too comfy just because the a babysitter or landscaping service provider is a pleasant talker or has an innocent look. Conducting a little public record background research on pretty much anybody can be done with a tap of a phone nowadays.

So where can I head to execute a free background check in Louisiana?
Virtually all state and county public record information is available to the public with some restrictions. My favorite two things about using local records to conduct a background check is they are free most of the time and these records are from the source. The downside is the records are coming from a single state or county. Now in some cases it's fine not to check other states. Having said that for a more thorough background report. You'll want to do nationwide record check using a website such as FreePeopleScan.com begin with a free people scan.

louisiana background check

Louisiana Statutes Concerning Public Information:

The right to examine public records was initially established by the Louisiana Legislature which adopted Act 195 in the Regular Session of 1940. Since that time the legislature has adopted numerous amendments to that act that became Title 44 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, which is its present legal citation - https://www.ag.state.la.us/Article.aspx?articleID=20&catID=0

Different Record Types and Louisiana Repositories.

Louisiana Court Records: Search CasesSelect from the available case searching options - http://www.la4th.org/SearchCases.aspx

Louisiana Public Records: Public Records Request Forms - http://www.lpsc.louisiana.gov/records.aspx

Louisiana Arrest and Criminal Records: Family and friends of offenders assigned to the custody of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections -- Corrections Services can locate the offender by calling the Offender Locator - http://doc.louisiana.gov/offender-locator/

Louisiana Vital Records: The following database searches help you locate vital records that are maintained by the Louisiana Secretary of State - https://www.sos.la.gov/HistoricalResources/ResearchHistoricalRecords/Pages/OnlinePublicVitalRecordsIndex.aspx