What To Expect During Pregnancy

By: Dreshawna Jones

What To Expect When Your Expecting.


1st Trimester: The first trimester is the most crucial to your body developement. Most miscarraiges and birth defects occurs during this period. Your baby also undergoes major changes during this trimesters. The changes often causes a veriety of symptoms, including nausea, breast tenderness and frequent urination. By eight weeks the fetus has all the organs including the heart that is already pumping. Bone formation has begun. But every women has different experiences.

2nd Trimester: The second trimester pregnancy is often called the "Golden Period" because many of them unpleasent effects of early pregnacy diappear. Likely your symptoms from first trimester will decreased nausea, better sleeping patterns and increase energy level. so there will be a whole new symptom experience, as of back pain, leg cramps and ect.

  • The head has hair, as do the eyebrows and eyelashes.The baby's heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope.The baby's movements can be felt by the mother.

  • 3rd Trimester: This trimester the mom uterus expanding and the symptoms in this trimester will expand your uterus to 2oz to 2.5oz. The baby is now fully rotated. By 28 weeks the baby is 2lbs and measures 4.8inches. the baby can blink there eyes and the baby has their eye sight. Also the mom has Irregular, painless contractions of the uterus may be experienced. (Braxton Hicks contractions).

  • Advice for Father: During your mate pregnancy be very helpful and caring, the reason being is the women goes through many changing in her body and life. Some changes are body changes, crucial pain and mood swings. One of the most important things our shouldnt do is STRESS your mate out, its bad for the baby.

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