Assignment 2

Informal Reading Inventory

Case Study

Jose seems to read passively, waiting for information to present and organize itself. Jose may need pre and during reading strategies to enhance comprehension. I would establish a purpose for reading and develop background knowledge prior to reading. During reading, Jose can be taught to monitor his own comprehension based on the purpose. Jose may benefit from pictures, dramatizations and/or other paralinguistic cues to meaning.

Jose may also have difficulty processing word sequences as meaningful units at the phrase or sentence level to construct meaning. Although he is able to read with minimal miscues, which do not affect the meaning of what he is reading, Jose may not understand the relationships among sentences as text meaning is being reconstructed. Decoding words without comprehension of the phrase or sentence is an error that an intermediate reader such as Jose may make.

I would teach Jose to use metacognitive strategies to analyze his own comprehension processes. The strategies will teach Jose to preview the text, ask questions, preview heading and subheadings and to organize information for memory. Making a connection that is not explicit in the text, or making an inference, is an implicit connection that can teach Jose to fully understand the passage or text he is reading (Peregoy & Boyle, 2013).