Bermuda Triangle, Myth, or Reality?

The Bermuda Triangle

The Devils triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, is a place where mysterious things happen and boats, ships and planes vanish and are never to be seen again. The Bermuda Triangle stretches between Miami, Puerto Rico, and the Bermuda islands. It is about 440,000 square miles of open sea.

Sailing the Bermuada Triangle

If you are sailing the Bermuda, you don't always disappear, and it is safe to sail the Bermuda Triangle, hundreds of people do it every day without any strange sightings or disappearances. But, you don't always get lucky. Dozens of planes and ships have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, without a tiny piece of wood or damage left behind. Even in good weather, ships boats, and planes vanish and are never seen again.Christopher Columbus,one of the first people to discover America, reported," I see strange lights in the middle of the night, and my crew members said the saw a giant wave appear out of nowhere a few weeks ago." .Other reports say that the sky would turn yellow and hazy and the ocean just, "didn't look right."

Here is a ship getting ready to go sail the Bermuda!

What causes these strange dissapearences?

A whole bunch of myths surround the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. In the article it said,"Scientist think that mysterious curses, lost cities, and even sea monsters are the cause of this unsolved mystery". Unexplained circumstances surround the accidents that occur in the Bermuda Triangle. This mystery has yet to be solved.

Opinions about what causes the disappearances on the Bermuda

  • Mysterious curses
  • Lost under water cities (Atlantis)
  • Sea monsters
  • Ghosts or paranormal activity