Okanagan Explosion: Missionaries

By Joshua Duncalfe

History of: Missionaries


1847 protestants were settled in Oregon

Summer through winter of 1858 missionaries were called to Esquimalt Vancouver for a missionary retreat

February 1858 A group of missionaries including Charles Pandosy, Brother Surel and Theodore Lawrence decide to settle in British Columbia

1859 group of settlers declared settlement and had found the spot of New Mission

Several months after settlement the missionaries left down creek due to weather issues and settled in the spot by Mission Creek

1860 First log school, cabin and sales store is built by missionaries

1861 Father Pandosy and Brother Surel plant an immense amount of crops to support the missionaries and soon to be growing population


Without the Missionaries the Okanagan would be changed in many ways but there are three main ones. One; without the missionaries a lot less people would be currently living here Father Pandosy alone brought in over 90 original settlers, over the missions and retreats the missionaries went on they would speak of the Okanagan and recommend settlement. Two; without the missionaries the Mission would have not been founded as soon as it was, with the rate the Okanagan was growing at it could have been another decade till the Mission was settled but the Charles Pandosy, brother Surel and the other missionaries did. Three; the missionaries brought a good reputation for the Okanagan, like I said before they always spread good word about the Okanagan and they baptized over 300 natives who then spoke kindly of the Missionaries once again reflecting the Okanagan.

Role of the Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail

The Fur Brigade trail was very useful for the missionaries trips, it aloud easy access from Astoria to the Okanagan. The Missionaries used the trail countless time for bringing in settlers, special guests, other priests and many more they even used the trail on their original trip to get to British Columbia to settle

Early European Profile: Charles Pandosy

Early History

Born: 1824 at Marseilles France under the full name of Charles John Felix Adolphe Marie Pandosy. Charles was a member of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate for most of his life. Charles was privileged he worked under the wing of the head priest at a young age.

Charles was recognised for his signing voice at his church.

Pandosy lived with the Yakama tribe and taught them to plant harvest and then baptized them.

Father Pandosy's first assignment was the Oregon mission trip in 1848.

Reasons For Settlement

Father Pandosy was called with a small group of oblates to Esquimalt on Vancouver in 1858, he later realized that he liked Vancouver and with a talk with the other members they decided settle in British Columbia

Early Accomplishements

Was a well known and respected Father at the church

Charles was head of choir out of Mary Immaculate

Father Pandosy had reportedly inspired several church members to become missionaries

Accomplishements in the Okanagan Valley

Baptised 121 people in 2 years

Taught natives French, instruments and to sing in latin

Founded the Mission

Lead several missionary retreats

Brought hundreds of settlers to the Okanagan valley

Built the first log settlement and grocery store

Planted several hundred crops for future generations

Legacy Today

Father Pandosy is well known to everyone in the valley not only do several places bear his name but what he did drastically changed the Okanagan valley. Without Father Pandosy the mission would not have been settled close to the time it was. Also Charles brought in many settlers who settled in the mission so without him many people would not be living here and many famous names would not exist in the Okanagan valley like Surel. So without settlers and an early settlement the mission would not be nearly as advanced as it is today

Impact of Father Pandosy on the Growth and Devolpment of the Okanagan Valley

Father Pandosy had a major impact on the growth and development of Okanagan valley for many reasons, including leading the famous Oregon missionary group and gathering many key missionaries for the group. Father Pandosy was also responsible for many hundreds of settlers, on his many journeys/missions all around north America he talked rather highly about the Okanagan telling people to settle. Most importantly Father Pandosy picked out the spot which we now call the mission, in fact he almost picked a different more marshy area. So not only did Charles Pandosy have an impact on the amount of people in the Okanagan but also the now flourishing area in which those people's descendants live in. Without Father Pandosy the Okanagan would be drastically changed.

2 Interesting Facts about FAther Pandosy

1: Charles Pandosy was included in the Indian war

2: Charles Pandosy in his later years explored the Wine industry with tasting and even making his own