How to use a compass!!

Keep reading if you want to know how to get to the beach.

Earth's Magnetic Field.

Earth's magnetic field helps many people and things, like navigational concerns and migrating animals. Compasses use the Earths magnetic field to get you to your location. The north point on your compass is magnetized to the North pole.

Diagram of Earth's magnetic field

  1. Charged particles from the Sun come towards Earth.
  2. Then they come in contact with the magnetic field.
  3. The magnetic field keeps some of the charged particles from reaching the crust of Earth.

Parts of a compass.

  1. The compass needle(the red part of the needle is north and the white part is south.)
  2. The north and south points of the needle(the north part of the needle is magnetized to the North pole.)
  3. The dial and orientating arrow.
  4. The orientating lines.

The purpose of a compass.

It helps us get to where we need to be when we are out in the wild, or don't know how to get to your birthday party.