K - 3: July 8th, 2019


It was an awesome and fun first day here at Rock Ridge Performing Arts Broadway Bound program! Thank you to everyone who helped make sign-in this morning fast and efficient! We're sorry it was raining, but are hopeful you were able to stay dry!

Today, students had a blast! They toured the facility with their teachers and then got to know each other with some fun theatre games. After which, the campers learned a dance from the musical and did their 30 second auditions with Ms. Crystal and Ms. Greene. Additionally, students learned music from Ms. Srija for callbacks! We can't wait to work with all of your students!

Below are a few reminders as we prepare for day 2.


We know we send out a lot of information, but please do your best to read the emails and participate fully. If you are experiencing challenges with our communication platform, please email us directly at and we can try to help.


If you would like to learn more about our staff, we've created a staff page for you! Get to know our staff and where they come from when your children come home talking about them!


Tickets are for sale at Seating is reserved. Today we sent out complimentary codes for you, as every registered child received 2 complimentary General Admission tickets. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please wait to see which cast your student is cast in before purchasing tickets for the performances.


T-shirts were given out today. Unfortunately, some parents, when registering their students clicked on the wrong sizes. We did our best to accommodate appropriate sizes. Please wear the show shirts on THURSDAY for a company photo!

EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT ORDERS: If you ordered an exclusive Mulan T-Shirt, they will be given out tomorrow!


Students received exclusive MULAN, JR Water Bottles! Please note though, that these water bottles are not dishwasher safe and that they should be only hand washed. Additionally water bottles will be on sale for $10 each at all performances.


EXPRESS SIGN-IN AND OUT: As a reminder, you may NOT drop off your child before 9am. You must either use our express sign-in system, where you stay in your car and create a line of cars in the parking lot, or you may walk your kids in starting at 9am. Due to staff meetings, doors do not open until 9am.

For express sign-out, please pull up to the tent, give your slip to the counselor and drive around to the bus loop. For both express pick-up and drop-off you must have a slip for safety and security purposes. Otherwise, you must do so at the registration table.



1. Drive into the main parking lot

2. Pull up to one of the three tents

3. A Staff Member will open the doors for your child

4. Have your child hand over the slip for attendance purposes

5. Drive away and have a great day!


1. Drive up to the pick-up tent.

2. Hand a staff member your ticket

3. They will direct you to the bus loop

4. Pick up your child while remaining in your car - your child will greet you at that entrance!

5. See you tomorrow!


At Broadway Bound's Youth camp, we make time for both a snack and lunch. This is a friendly reminder to ensure your child has packed a peanut-free snack AND lunch as well as their own utensils. It is also important that since the rehearsal process is energy consuming, the children should always carry their Mulan Jr. water bottle pre-filled with name labeled in sharpie at the beginning of each day



As previously requested in the newsletter, we ask that the students bring a small, clear, handheld bin that fits under the student's chairs. NO BACKPACKS are allowed. Today was an exception, as everyone was adjusting to this camp. Starting Wednesday we are not allowing backpacks or large bins without handles. We here at Broadway Bound stress the use of these bins for the organization, safety, and efficiency of this program. Linked below is the bin we would prefer you purchase.



We require students to provide their own applicators and basic make-up to prevent bacterial infections. All boys will also need this basic stage make-up. We will provide hygienic specialty make-up as well.

  1. Foundation

  2. Eye Liner

  3. Applicators

  4. Mascara

  5. Lip Stick neutral color

  6. Blush


RRPA is excited to offer spirit buttons this year to honor your camper. We began offering spirit buttons this year for all our shows and they have been a big hit with the parents. Spirit buttons are a great way to show your pride in your child and make a wonderful keepsake from their RRPA camp experience. Photos will be taken the first day of camp. The spirit buttons will be available at pick up time the Thursday before opening night and also throughout the weekend at the ticket table. Please see the following link for ordering and pricing information. If you have any questions please email Katie McDaniel at

To order your spirit buttons CLICK HERE


Star Pages are great way to celebrate your child's success in the playbill! Your star page can be a design of your choosing, or something our staff designs for your child. The Star Page due date is July 10th. We wanted you to have the chance to start thinking about your child's star page now!

An example of the Star Pages is on the right.

To submit your star page request CLICK HERE.


Due to the energy consuming nature of our rehearsal process, we require the students to arrive in movement clothes. A strong example of this would be leggings/shorts with a comfortable shirt. If a child would like to wear a skirt/dress, please ensure they have shorts or pants under. Finally, jazz shoes (black) are required by Friday (7/12). Having these shoes not only enhance the experience of the show but ensure the safety of every child. Attached below is the link to a child's size jazz shoe. Please make sure that your child has Jazz Shoes ready to go for the first day of Camp! We highly recommend you buy these early. While we will be providing a costume for every student, we do not provide shoes. Please visit Amazon and type in "JAZZ SHOE". Please get them in black. If you have them in tan already, that is ok, but we prefer black for this production.


Our wonderful Vocal Director Ms. Srija has been working on an official Youth Broadway Bound Mulan Jr. soundtrack with and without vocals for your child to rehearse with. This music will be provided in a Google Drive Link by tomorrow (7/9) at 5:00PM. It is mandatory that the students familiarize themselves with the music to Mulan Jr. (Kids Edition) as to create efficient in-class rehearsing.


The attendance of every child is crucial to the rehearsal process. There is already a limited amount of time for the K-3 Camp to effectively rehearse this production, therefore, when a child is missing it negatively impacts the process as they will not be placed in the scenes they miss that day. If you know a child will be absent beforehand, please contact the staff at so we can plan accordingly.


Casting is one of the hardest things we do here at RRPA. We take our time to discuss every student and think about where we place them so they will grow the most in the program. As a reminder, please help your child overcome any negative feelings they have. GRIT is the number one reason why performers are successful. They never give up. This is a great opportunity to discuss with your child how to overcome challenges if they are feeling some unpleasant emotions after casting.The casting process for Mulan Jr. (Kid's Edition) was one that was thought out carefully. The staff placed each student in a role that would best suit them and their journey of growth in this theatre environment. We cast solely based on their audition, ability to take direction and work ethic. There is absolutely NO FAVORITISM within the casting process. Furthermore, the staff stresses that every role onstage and offstage is equally important. We strive to create a positive learning environment for each camper.

HOW TO READ THE CAST LIST: Find your child’s name and the role they will be playing.

OFF BOOK/MEMORIZED: We are requesting that all students are memorizing by Friday, July 12th. However, students must be memorized by Monday, the 15th. Help students learn their lines and solos at home!


Calendar featuring upcoming deadlines, information, and more . . . Made just for you!