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Bishop Woods School Newsletter - Week of 5.31.2020

Greetings Bishop Woods Families,

I can not believe we are entering the first week of June! While this year certainly is not ending as we anticipated, I can not thank the Bishop Woods family enough for all of their efforts to continue teaching and learning from a virtual platform. Over 80% of our students have consistently engaged in online learning, and that is thanks to the efforts of all stakeholders...parents & guardians, Bishop Woods staff, district staff, community supports, and of course, our hardworking students!

Below is the link to a video of Dr. Tracey, our interim Superintendent, who is sharing important information regarding the end of the school year. I have also provided some important dates for you to be aware of. Please take note that we will be distributing Scholastic books to all students the week of June 8th (see flyer with schedule). This will also be the time for you to pick up any of your children's personal items that were left in lockers or desks, along with any medications that were left with our nurse. If you have more than one child in different grade levels at Bishop Woods, you can choose the day that works best for you to pick up all of their items (you do not need to return on multiple days). All 8th graders, along with any students that are not returning to Bishop Woods, must return chromebooks as well. All other students (K-7) will keep their chromebooks through the summer. Please remember to take great care of these devices!

Lastly, due to concerns associated with the Coronavirus, and the requirements of social distancing, we are not anticipating a traditional 2020-2021 academic school year. In turn, the district is asking for feedback regarding scheduling that would work best for your family. Please take some time to complete the survey at the link below no later than 5pm on Tuesday, June 2nd. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, and voice what is best for you. This form will go directly to our district personnel.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of our school staff members with questions, concerns, or if you are in need of any supports at this time.


Mrs. Natalino

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Birthdays this Week!

June 1st - Victor C. (Grade 8), Liam G. (Grade 2)

June 2nd - Jeremiah M. (Grade 1)

June 3rd - Jovanni M. (Grade 7)

June 4th - Jaydienn G. (Grade 1)

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Pictures of the Week!

Please continue to send pictures of your children and families engaging in learning from home! Check out the pictures that were shared this week!

Check out 1st Grader Jaylene R. Sharing About Her Plants, As part of our her class's unit

Kindergarten Student Sabrina S. Learns to Ride A 2-Wheeler on Wellness Wednesday!

The Great Mask Reveal!

The Great Mask Reveal! If you guessed the following masked singers, you were correct!

Horsie- Ms. Cara Campo. Magnet Resource Teacher

Statue of Liberty- Ms. SueBeth Higgins, Special Education Teacher

Cupcake- Ms. Jaci Giammattei, Music Teacher

Super Cool- Ms. Susan Laughlin, Grade 1 Teacher

Fox- Ms. Heather Meachen, Music Teacher

Alien-Roberta Lawrence, Special Education Teacher

The winner of the masked singer is.... MS. HEATHER MEACHEN who stumped the most people with 10 out of 16 incorrect guesses!

Second Place goes to MS. CARA CAMPO who stumped 7 out of 16 guesses.

Third place goes to SUE BETH HIGGINS who stumped 5 out of 16 guesses!

Congratulations to...

Student Winners: Beckham Pengsavath, who guessed 2 of the masks correctly and Leighton Pensavath, who guessed 3 of the masks correctly!

Staff Winners: Mrs. Seiden, Mrs. Heiter, and Mrs. Wright who guessed all 6 masks correctly!

If you would like to listen to the masked singers again, here is the link to the Flipgrid:


Hands on Science with Dr. G!

Exploding Soap!

Check out the science demonstration below - brought to you by Dr. Gersch and his daughters, Maya and Madeline!

The Big Question is: Why does the soap explode (and not melt) in the microwave?

Email your wonderings to Dr. G at timothy.gersch@nhps.net. He will respond to your comments in a future post!

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Art Gallery - Animal Portraits

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Cerie S., Grade 8

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Ruth J., Grade 7

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Check out kindergarten student Alexa P. explaining EMPATHY - one of our SEL topics!

Resources from our Community Partners - Check these out!!

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Yale Exploring Science session will take place 6/2 from 2-3pm

Click on links below for additional resources to assist families at this time:

Newsletter Contributions!

Please continue to send pictures and student work to be shared with our Bishop Woods family each week! In order for your submission to make it in to the newsletter for the current week, please have it to me by Friday afternoon; otherwise, I will post your contribution the following week. You can share through Remind text or email dina.natalino@nhboe.net Thank you to all of the students and families that contributed this week!

Contact Information

Home Office #s:

Mrs. Natalino, Principal- 203-654-9533

Ms. Crisci, Assistant Principal - 475-221-1633