Abby Ross

Seperatism and Canada

the advocacy or practice of separation of a certain group of people from a larger body on the basis of ethnicity, religion, or gender. Quebec today still hasnt been able to seperate from the rest of Canada. They havent been succesful because enough people are not willing to seperate.They see it as a better option to stay with the rest of Canada. They think this because there is better government options, money , and a bigger area to move around easier.If one decided to leave Quebec would be like moving to another country and that is to hard. That is just a few reasons why people do not think Quebec should seperate from the rest of Canada.

This is what Quebec looks like in 2013

Some people in this article think that Quebec should seperate. They think they should seperate because Quebec is mostly French. They are saying that they should do this so people dont have to make as many choices like to send there kid to French or English. Also so the province is only in one language so they can save money on road signs and such.

Canada in 2014: Separatist issue looms

The person in this article says that Quebec should not be a seperatist. They shouldnt be one because there already part of Canada. They are trying to pass a law that people can not express religion in public. They are trying to do that so that people don't try to use that as another reason to go seperate from Canada.

Census Canada 2011: Is Canada a ‘country without a core culture’?

This article talks about how Canada has a very diverse culture. I think that supports the second article that Quebec should not seperate. I think that they should not seperate because they are already a part of Canada and that would take away from Canadas diversity.