Principal Updates

Week of February 1, 2021

Important: Complete a Meal Benefits Application by Feb. 26, 2021

Parents, please consider applying for meal benefits by Feb 26. For every student that turns in the free and reduced lunch application and qualifies, the school receives federal funds that benefit the student and teachers at the school. These funds provide additional teachers and staff for the school which means more services for students, especially students that are struggling in reading or math. These funds also are used for materials and supplies for students and teachers. These are valuable resources that teachers can use to improve student achievement.

Yes, meals will still be free for all students through June 2021 but we still need you to complete a meal benefits application so our school can be eligible for this extra funding next year. Information about applying for Meal Benefits for the 2020-21 school year can be found at . Help our school continue to receive this funding by completing an application online at Paper applications can be requested by calling 919-588-3535.

Let's Celebrate....National School Counseling Week

It is with great pride that Penny Road Elementary School celebrates our School Counselor, Mrs. Jeanna Leauma during National School Counseling Week. Mrs. Leauma spends countless hours serving our school community by helping our students with academic, social, and emotional concerns. Here at Penny Road, we celebrate her dedication and the work she does to promote student success and improving outcomes for all students.

Thank you, Mrs. Leauma for your support, dedication, and commitment to children.


Penny Road

Positivity Project - INTEGRITY

It is our hope you're all doing well and enjoying teaching your children, our students about the importance of supporting others when they struggle. Next week, we'll begin learning about Next week's P2 character trait is INTEGRITY.

Integrity is what allows us, wherever we find ourselves in life, to stand behind our words and actions. Integrity is what allows us to look in the mirror and be comfortable with the person looking back at us.

PRE Virtual P2 Shout Out Wall

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Have an amazing and lovely week.