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Flags - 3/28/13

During our training Sue showed us the Flags option on messages. When she was talking about it, I thought......that might be useful to me. So today I explored that a bit.

Here's what I found in the 5 minutes I played.

The flag lets you mark messages that you want to come back to later.

If you just click the flag it will default for that day, but if you control-click (right click) on the flag you can choose when to date the flag.
How is this useful. I can't tell you how many times, I get an email that, at the time I'm reading it, I can't address what the person is asking for assistance with, but then I forget to come back to it.

The flag makes this a little easier to keep track of those items that need your attention later. When you click the flag it turns red so it stands out in your Mail Area, but it also moves it to your Tasks.
So I can look through my mail for the RED FLAGS or I can go directly to Tasks and see them all together.

When I click on the item, it will allow me to view the message that I had flagged. Then I can check them off and it will cross them off. The flag will turn into a check mark like above both here and in my mailbox.

Not only does it allow me to add tasks that are emails, but I can add my own tasks and due date by typing it in on the Tasks Area.
Don't want to have to keep checking the Tasks area........control-click (right click) on the flag and Set a Reminder and have Exchange remind you on a specific date and time.

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