what do they do

they build house's and cut wood

do they work inside or outside

they work outside because they cant cut wood inside it will be dangerous. and some times they work inside too


the lowest one 24 dollars and the highest one is 72 dollars and that's a very good deal if you ask me. and if you save all of that money at the end of may you will have 42,000 dollars
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they use saws to cut wood and for building houses


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well mostly you have to use 2 subjects for being a carpenter 1st math you have to do math because you have to measure. 2nd science because you have to do mass to
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traning and education

you need to have a high school diploma. and you have to gat a bachelor degree. you are wondering why do you need this because you have to complete high school so you can be a carpenter


career: architecture & construction

cluster: carpenter

reason why you chose this career

. I like building stuff

. I like cutting stuff

. I like math

traning & education

.degree required:

high school diploma or equiavlen

.other type of training education


work enviorment

. indoors/outdoors


office/field work

field work,office

.type of dress for work

dirty white shirt

. individual/group work

group work

. other:


job description



. growth opportunities

yes there will be almost 137,000 job openings by 2024

. job look out [opportunities for promotions ; will this job be needed in the future?]

growth payment 10%


. measure

. work together




. do you still have an interest in pursuing this career after completing your research? why/why not

yes id like to peruse this career because I want to help others