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Tips for Success in Sixth Grade

We can’t believe it ourselves, but it is true that the 1st six weeks is behind us and your student is one step closer to being a 7th Grader.

Several parents have asked how can they help their student at home and the best recommendation we have as teachers is to have your child read every evening and make sure they know their math facts.

Students need to broaden their reading selection to not only fiction, but expository readings as well. Encourage your student to select as least one expository book from the library, have them read the book and tell you what they learned. Having students reading 15 to 30 minutes a night will increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

There are many 6th Graders who are still struggling with their math facts. We cannot stress enough the importance of all students knowing their math facts. One way to help your student practice their math facts is to get a deck of cards; remove all face cards (including the Ace); shuffle the deck and divide the cards out equally between your student and yourself (make sure the cards are face down). Now each person turns over the top card at the same time and the object of the game is to multiply the cards the fastest. Whoever is the fastest gets the cards. The winner is the person who has all cards.

Please remember to check your student’s PDS every evening for homework and notes from teachers.

Sixth Grade Rocks the School House!!!

DeShaun Shields, Junior Journalist

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