Mixed is the best

Join the Mixed Economy

1.It has a combination of command and Market.

2.Mixed economies can reduce the amount of government regulation

3.Mixed economy can produce a greater equality and provide a protection


The U.S is a a mixed economy with some business owned by the government and other businesses privately owned.

A mixed economy means that part of a economy is left for free market and another part is left for the government.

Most economies are mostly mixed


United States, Norway,and Russia.

The Goods about it

This allow many more freedoms than the command economy.

Has a higher level of state participation and spending.

Contributes to public ownership in manufacturing which can address social welfare needs.

Private industries van decide how to run there business.


The mixed economy tends to lean towards the government than individual freedom.

The government decides how much taxes cost which will lead to people getting frustrated and angry.

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Mixed Economy