Sudden Death

By:Derek Kleinhenz

Theme of the Book

"Trust the people you know, not the people you think you know."


Steve Bastin was a futball star and now is asked to coach a professional team in St. Petersburg, Russia. Jake Bastin, his son goes to go to St. Petersburg with him. His dad had a meating with his manager, Chernoff but chokes to death. Jake is bound to determine that Chernoff was poisned by another person. Thats only one of the seven people killed. Jake starts to think is dad is behind it until he told him he is with the MI6, the CIA in England. Jake and his father do some further research to see who is behind the killings. Will Jake and his father figure out who is behind it? Read "Sudden Death" to figure it out.

Jake Bastin

Son of Steve Bastin, Jake is a curious and smart young man. He faces many challenges and one is trusting his father. Some challenges even result in him having a gun to his head and pointing a gun at three people including his father.

Steve Bastin

Famous futballer and head coach in St. Setersburg. Keeps to himself until his son gets antsy and wants to know answers about what his father was really up to.


The setting of the story is in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Conflict and how it was Resolved

The conflict of the story was trying to figure out who killed Chernoff, the two pilots, Devon Taylor, Truman, Powell and the professor. It was resolved by the MI6, Jake and Steve by knowing that Truman and Devon Taylor were up to know good by killing most of the people listed above.

About Nick Hale

Nick Hale likes to write mysteries. His best series by far, the series I'm reading is the Striker series. Nick Hale has only written three books in his career so far. He lives in London with his dog Pele and loves the game of futball. He plays and watches futball and likes watching James Bonds films.

My three favorite Quotes

"Jake aimed the gun at his dad's chest."I'll speak to you how I want... Dad."

"The dead man was David Powell."

"You?"said Jake. His legs felt weak. Devon was a futballer, not a terrorist."