By: Jacob Eckert


Why does this organization exist

One reason that nike was born was to give athletes a competitive advantage. Nike was first called Blue Ribbon Sports. It began as a running shoe company to give them a bette advantage.

Target audience

● Nikes target is people who like to workout from babies to middle age people.

● They target sports from soccer to golf. They are positioned in big malls that many people go to.

Psychographics: Attitudes, opinions, beliefs, interests, personality, lifestyle, political affiliation and personal preference

[They market to anyone from males to females of all ages.]

[Market to everyone in the world.]

[Start new trends]

Who they target and what they want.

The products that Nike sell range from casual ware to sport gear. They target new born babies to the mid 60 year old golf players. They Target anyone who is or wants to look like an athlete.

Who are their competitors?

Nike has many competitors, Adidas, Under Armor, Reebok, and Puma

Media Marketing

Nike's main advertisement is TV commercial. They also have links to

Just Do It is one of there major slogans that they use.

Soccer Commercial

Website Link

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