Unit 3

Empires and Kingdoms


1)The reason Justinian was important to the Byzantine empire was because he revived the roman empire.

2)Justinian's wife,Theadora, influenced him to give women rights.

3)The laws of the Byzantine Empire were called the Justinian Code.

4)Tsar Ivan III was the first ruler of Russia.

5)The Byzantine empire had adopted the the laws of the Roman empire.

6)Constantinople was in the center of Europe and Asia, making it the center of trade.

7)The Great Schism was caused by disagreement over icons.

8)The Mongolian Empire spread, because Genghis khan's grandsons took over China and Russia.

9)Mongols impacted Russia and China by taking them over.

10)Marco Polo was an extensive traveler and explorer.

11)The Ottoman Empire play the role of taking over the Byzantine Empire.

12)In 1453CE, the Ottoman turks took over the Byzantine Empire.

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