PHS Update

April 22nd, 2019

CAASPP Testing Almost Done!

The CAASPP testing is almost done, with just a few make-ups to do. Thank you, first, to Kelly Kriss and Hillary Cuff for their excellent organizational skills and trouble-shooting ability! And thank you to all the teachers for working through any problems and encouraging your students to do their best. Special thanks to the lab rooms (F1, F2, F3, A6) where the testing took place. Thank you, Chris, Kerry, Karen, and Doug!

April just keeps bringing it with the West Side Band Festival, the Spring Drama Production, Skills USA and FFA state conventions, and our very own staff meeting on Wednesday!


  • We will be holding an assembly on Monday, April 22nd for our freshmen students regarding vaping and the dangers associated. Thank you to PPAD for partnering with us on this important topic.

We will organize some time for the A+ sub-committee to meet soon and continue discussion. Jen Eaton, Jessi Redfield, Deb Songer, Victor Brazil, and Andrew Aja.

Have a great week.

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Rena Victor's Holocaust Story Comes to PHS

A couple of weeks ago, PHS was graced by a visitor to World History classes. Rena Victor survived the Holocaust as a young child. As German Jews, her mother and sisters went into hiding and remained hidden within Germany for the duration of the war. Rena's father, who was not Jewish, was drafted into the German military and worked secretly with Jewish underground organizations to try to save people from deportation to the east. Rena visited two of our World History classes with her daughter, Professor Susan Victor, from SSU. Rena and Susan are members of The Alliance for the Study of the Holocaust. Nicole Vollmer, one of our student teachers from SSU, arranged for this visit. Their presentation was poignant, personal, and moving. Their main message to students was the importance of speaking up against prejudice and bigotry in our world today, so that a similar atrocity isn't allowed to happen in our times. Students had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Victor directly and ask her questions, such as:

- Did you and your sisters understand what was happening to you?

- How did you pass the time in hiding?

- Was their censorship or did everyone know about the camps?

- Have you ever met a Holocaust denier? What would you say to them?

- What was it like coming from Germany to America after the war?

Thank you, Ms. Lounibos and Ms. Vollmer!

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Nicole, Rena, Susan, and Jennie

JSA Summit at PHS

JSA hosted it's first Chapter Con at PHS, with approximately 40 students attending from PHS and other area chapters. Students participated in debates and also declared their candidacy for regional offices, such as mayor and senator. Our outgoing seniors who founded our PHS JSA chapter should be proud of this accomplishment! Congratulations to our JSA leaders in all grades who put on this event!
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Important Upcoming Dates

Don't forget the following dates:

April 22nd - Spanish 3 Field Trip

April 22nd - Scholarship Recognition Night

April 22nd - Athletic Boosters

April 23rd - Bodega Bay Field Trip - MarS

April 24th - WestSide Band Festival

April 24th - Staff Meeting

April 25th - Tech Committee mtg in A2 @3:15pm

April 25-27th; May 2-4 - SPRING MUSICAL - Once Upon A Pea

April 25-28th - SkillsUSA State Convention

April 27-30th - FFA State Convention

April 29th - MarS Parent Orientation

April 30th - Coffee With the Principal @ 9AM at Aqus Cafe

May 1st - Department Meeting

May 6th-17th - AP Testing

May 26th - Senior Prom at Bentley Reserve

May 31st - Last Day of School

June 1st - Graduation 10AM

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Thank you to our Neighbors!

Occasionally, we meet with our neighbors who live around Petaluma High as we did last week. The organization, the Petaluma Good Neighbor Association (PGNA) works with us to ensure we share the space and roads around PHS in a respectful, safe manner. Neighbors like Steve Schramm, Bob Spurgeon, and George Beeler have been terrific partners in this work. In the picture below, Bob Spurgeon and Mike Bett pull weeds near the tennis courts by the gym last weekend. We appreciate your hard work in making PHS and the neighborhood a great place to live and learn!
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Petaluma Watershed Classroom

As part of an ongoing effort to educate our students about the critical nature of the Petaluma River,
Mrs. Camacho's Biology students recently participated in the Petaluma Watershed Classroom making Public Service Announcement videos to help people make the connection between water use and carbon footprint.

There were many fantastic videos - three of which won prizes and were honored at the Watershed Showcase night this past Thursday.

Giselle Marquez, Mariana Rodriguez, and Paige Sullivan won first place (earning $750 and will be played as a before-movie add at the local movie theater for the next year!)

Kevin Garcia and Eric Martinez won second place (earning $500)

Abby Wetmore, Grace Martinez, and Hana Mali won the teacher's choice award

The three videos are in order below.


Wildlife Museum Notes and Upcoming Events

1) This Thursday, 4/25, from 10:30 - 11:30am, several historians and librarians from the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria will be visiting the Museum to survey our small but significant collection of Native American artifacts in an effort to a) identify exactly what we have in the collection in terms of tribal origin and date and b) provide us with best options of how to display and interpret the artifacts.

Ever since I became the Instructor at the Museum, I've wanted to give our Native American artifacts collection the attention and respect it -and the people from which it came- deeply deserve. I am so happy that Mr. Granados (PHS Social Sci Dept Chair) connected us with the Federated Indians of Graton and I can't wait for their visit.

If you'd like to attend this initial meeting (of what I figure will ultimately be several) and watch the proceedings, please give me an e-mail and I'll respond if we have space. So far, Mr. Granados, Mr. Stirrat, a couple PWM Board Members, a few Museum students, and myself will be in attendance, so we have space for maybe a half-dozen more. Again, give me a head's up if you're interested and I'll get back to you ASAP... Thanks!

2) THIS SATURDAY, 4/27/19, the PWM and PHS MarS will be marching in the Butter and Egg Parade! We have up to 60 slots and would love for you to join us!! Our theme is "Sea Cows & Tree Chickens" and we will be caring both our banners along with cardboard cut-outs of manatees and our actual green iguanas, Ruby and Kermit!

Students and Alum: if you'd like to march with us, just give me a head's up and wear your PWM shirt. We are meeting at 10:45am on the 3rd staging block on I Street. It'll be a fun day of celebration for the PWM and MarS and we hope you join us for the fun!

3) Friday Night, 5/10, from 6pm to 9am we are holding a "Night at the Museum" for our Museum Management students. MM students will get a chance to hang out one last time as a class and eat delicious bad snack foods, guzzle sodas, watch movies, and sleep with a bunch of snakes and dead animal taxidermy (while Tacata pulls an all-nighter so there's no shenanigans!). MM students: get the date on your calendars; should be a good time :)


Summer School Information

Our very own Mr. Napoli will be running summer school! The documents below are related to summer school for your information...