Biweekly Newsletter from Stockbridge High

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Community Edition, November 2017

In this issue:

  • A Letter from the Principal
  • Events around the Bridge
  • Personalized Learning in SHS
  • Assistant Principals' Corner
  • Student Services

A Letter from the Principal

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We are nearing the end of the Fall Semester.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It’s hard to believe that we are already nearing the end of the Fall Semester. As we make steps towards final exams, please pay attention to the schedule. For those of you with freshmen, please know that our schedule differs significantly from what they are used to at the middle school. For all of the parents, please help us make sure your student has the best opportunity to succeed on those important exams. Please make sure they get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast before heading to school on those days they have an exam!

Eric Watson, Ed. S.


Stockbridge High School


Friday, Nov. 17th, 7:30-9:30pm

1151 Old Conyers Road

Stockbridge, GA


Be an active member of Tiger Nation! Show your support for our Tigers in their season opener. $5 per ticket at the gate. #HUNTMODE

VENUE: Tiger Stadium in Stockbridge High



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Events Around the Bridge

Three Remaining Weeks in November

November 13, Monday – December 1, Friday

Monday, Nov 13:

Progress Reports distributed

7:00 BOE Regular Meeting

Tuesday, Nov 14:

5:00 - JV Boys Basketball vs. Riverside Military Academy @ RMA

6:30 - V Boys Basketball vs. Riverside Military Academy @ RMA

Wednesday, Nov 15:

School Counseling Advisory Team meeting

Nat’l Education Support Professionals Day – Let our Para’s, Hall and Parking Lot Monitors how much you appreciate them!!

Thursday, Nov 16:

7:00 9th Gr Boys Basketball vs. KIPP Academy @ KA

Friday, Nov 17:

Blood Drive

6:00 V Girls Basketball vs. Booker T Washington @ BTW

7:30 V Boys Basketball vs. Booker T Washington @ BTW

2nd Round Playoff Varsity Football TBD

Monday, Nov 20 - Friday Nov 24


Monday, Nov 27:

Book Fair

Faculty Meeting After School – Location TBD – GA Milestone Training

6:30 – 9th Gr Boys Basketball vs. Hampton @ Hampton

Tuesday, Nov 28:

Book Fair

4:30 JV Boys Basketball vs. Ola @ SHS

6:00 V Girls Basketball vs. Ola @ SHS

7:30 V Boys Basketball vs. Ola @ SHS

Wednesday, Nov 29:

Book Fair

Thursday, Nov 30:

Book Fair

Friday, Dec 01:

Book Fair

Semi Finals Playoff Varsity Football TBD


Georgia End of Course Milestones Exams December 4-19

Please see AP L. Clarington's section below for the testing schedule.

Personalized Learning in SHS

Behind the Scenes

SHS was visited today by Creative Bird Productions for the filming of the official Henry County Schools and GPB Personalized Learning video. This video will be used to tell the Personalized Learning Journey here at Stockbridge High School. Our school's experience is a little different than past schools' productions due to the fact we have an aspiring videographer/producer in our mix, DeVonte R. DeVonte was allowed to shadow and assist the crew to obtain real world skills and experiences with the filming.

Tiger Tech of the Month: Quizizz

Kahoot tunes annoying you by now? Is it on replay on your mind? Try Quizizz!

Here's the gist of Quizizz:

1. Same as always, create an account.

2. Quizizz will ask for your occupation (to customize your home screen).

3. The screen will change to sample quizzes you could readily use!

4. Assign it and have fun! THAT'S IT!


- Use Quizizz to assign quiz formative assessments to your students.

- Students can take the assessment as many times as they can and it keeps track of their progress.

- Students can compete with each other without having to be logged in together all at the same time.

- Quizizz inserts memes and generates personalized avatars for the students to make it a bit more fun.

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Assistant Principals' Corner

from the Office of Cassandra Jackson

Tentative meeting dates for Book Studies and reading guides

Crucial Conversations (admin)

September 12 - Chapter 3 + 4

October 10 - Chapter 5 + 6

November 14 - Chapter 7 + 8

January 11 - Chapter 9 + 10

Grading Smarter, not Harder (staff)

(two dates for the focus groups)

October 2, 16 - Chapter 2

November 6, 13 - Chapter 3

January 22, 29 - Chapter 4

February 5, 12 - Chapter 5

March 5, 12 - Conclusion

from the Office of Lavonda Clarington

Georgia Milestones End of Course (EOC) Winter Administration: Dec 4-19, 2017

End of Grade (EOC) in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies

Dec 4, Monday: 9th Grade Lit (Parts I)

Dec 5, Tuesday: 9th Grade Lit (Part II/III)

Dec 6, Wednesday: American Lit (Parts I)

Dec 7, Thursday: American Lit (Part II/III)

Dec 8, Friday: Analytic Geometry/Geometry I

Dec 11, Monday: Coordinate Algebra/Algebra I

Dec 12, Tuesday: Economics

Dec 13, Wednesday: Biology

Dec 14, Thursday:US History

Dec 15, Friday: Physical Science

Dec 18, Monday: Make-Up

Dec 19, Tuesday: Make-Up

**Please bear in mind that these exams account for 20% of a student's final grade.

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Student Services

Stockbridge Study Resources *NEW FILE*

Please click the link below to view our list of resources available for our students! (Includes complete list of Tutoring/Office Hours for core classes)

Parent Survey

Please fill out our survey by clicking on this link.

Counseling Department

This year, the week of November 13-17 has been designated as Kindness Week. World Kindness Day is being celebrated on November 13, 2017. Our school has been provided with incentive materials such as bracelets , yard signs, and T.H.I.N.K. posters like the ones that were provided in past years.

As we know, Kindness Week celebrations have had a positive impact on the students, staff and also in our community over the years. It gives us the opportunity to show our kindness to others and to encourage each other to Pass It On.

Please help us celebrate!

Monday thru Friday- Wear your blue “Kindness Week” bracelets in solidarity of kind acts, words and thoughts that we will share with each other next week.

Note: Teachers should check their mailboxes for these bracelets. We have been provided with only enough bracelets for each teacher to give out a few.

Monday thru Friday- As an act of kindness and compassion on the cusp of the holiday season, we are inviting every student and staff member to bring BRAND NEW SOCKS to be donated to a local, deserving organization as we show support to others in need. Donations can be dropped off in the counseling office before school, between classes, during lunch or after school. Please label your package or bag of socks with the homeroom you are representing. The homeroom with the most donated socks will receive breakfast before we leave for the semester break.

Monday thru Friday- Teachers, please check your email for a Kindness Week Google form which will allow you to submit the names of students who have been observed “Acting in Kindness”. Each day, 5 students will be highlighted during the afternoon announcements for their Acts of Kindness.

Monday thru Friday- Teachers will be given “Kindness Kards” to be used and distributed to students. Teachers who want to compliment a student? Use a “Kindness Kard”. Students who want to thank their teacher or share a kind word with a peer? Use a “Kindness Kard”. These can be picked up from teachers, as well.

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Notes from Counseling:

  • The first School Counseling Advisory Team meeting will be Wednesday Nov 15th. It will consist of teachers, parents and administrators in an effort to establish support, advisement and advocacy for the SHS Comprehensive School Counseling Plan.
  • Individual Appointments are still being conducted and expected to continue to through December. If an appointment was missed due to absence, hurricane Irma or some other reason, please contact your counselor to reschedule asap.
  • Sign up for REMIND updates from counseling based on graduation year. Sign-up forms are located in the counseling office, in the grade level advisement packets and on the counseling web page.

from C. Melissa Bell, Graduation Coach

Credit Recovery currently on 3:30-4:30 Tuesdays + Thursdays

Saturday Tutorial Dates: Oct 14th, 9-11 AM; Nov 4th, 11-1230 PM, December 2, 9-11AM

Infinite Campus Access

This year IC password resets will be handled different regarding parents and students.

1. Martey Brown will primarily be handling the parent/guardian accounts.

2. Grace Johnson will primarily be handling the student accounts.

If a parent or student is having trouble logging on to their IC account, please send Ms. Brown or Ms. Johnson an email.

Martey Brown email:

Grace Johnson email:

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Our football team needs sponsorships and volunteers!

For more information, contact Coach Whit at or 404 966 5208.

Thanks for supporting Tiger Football.
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