The Lifecycle of a Star

Imagine the possibilities!


a little pre-knowledge about stars first.


If a star is red-shifted it is moving away from you. It is red because the light waves are stretched out. A Blue shifted star is moving closer to you. It is Blue because its light waves are compressed.

The Elements

Elements are created within stars, Larger stars produce more elements while larger stars produce less elements. Elements are created using Fusion. Fusion is where smaller elements fuse into larger ones. Fu-sion-HA!

The Cycles

Most of the star's life can resemble a human's. I'll constantly compare the two during this flyer.

The Protostar

A protostar is similar to a fetus in the human body. It isn't even a star! The protostar is able of gas that is condensing via gravity into one point. If the star can maintain a balance between pressure and gravity it will have achieved Equilibrium.
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Main sequence

The main sequence is like the childhood of the star. In this stage Hydrogen is being combined into Helium and other elements. This process is called fusion.
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Red Giant

A Red Giant is a star that is nearing the end of it's life. Kinda like your middle aged dad worrying about the end of his life. The star has expanded and grown twice it's normal size.
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White Dwarf

The Dead star's remains. Like a corpse in space
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Black Dwarf

When a White dwarf dies
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Black hole

Another dead star. But with a hunger for matter!
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Neutron star

Another way a supernova can end
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