Spring Recital

Mother's Day- May 12th


The big day is soon! We are looking forward to your performances this weekend! As a reminder:

1. Plan to arrive early. You may place your instrument in the backstage area when you arrive.

2. You will go backstage two performances prior to your own in the line-up.

3. Be respectful of the other performers. Only enter and exit the recital between performances.

4. We will take video and pictures, don't let it make you nervous!

And finally, be sure to wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day!

FSM/HSM Spring Recital

Sunday, May 12th, 1-5pm

750 White Pond Drive

Akron, OH

The Line-up


Kailey Wiseman- Violin

Tyler Allen- Violin

Ayden Stuckey- Violin

Hannah Bartels- Violin

Colin Murray- Guitar

Sarp Sezer- Piano

Nadia Yang- Piano

Bowen Zheng- Piano

Alex Cheng- Piano & Drums

Nolan Moore- Drums

Nick Krueger- Voice

Sean Watson- Guitar

Ryan Watson- Guitar

Adam Beres- Guitar

Kyle Miner- Guitar

Evan Stone- Guitar

Jack Ysionis- Guitar

Cleo Bebber- Guitar

Asa Bebber- Guitar

Dominic LaMarca- Guitar

Lauren Kossler- Cello


Rhea Lal- Voice & Guitar

McKenna Wolfe- Voice

Maddy LeRouge- Voice

Lydia Lumpkin- Voice

Alea Sears- Voice

Samantha Supan- Voice

Ethan Stusek- Voice

Kendall Slaght- Voice

Ava Preston- Voice

Elena Flauto- Voice

Joanna Song- Violin

Kevin Si- Violin

Nick David- Drums

Marie Choi- Drums

Josh Leslie- Drums

Ben Janesch- Drums

Sam Cox- Drums

Nick Balaj- Guitar

Hannah Collins- Voice

Matthew Craig- Voice

Gabby Correia- Guitar

Logan Rapp- Guitar