The diary of Anne Frank


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Peter Van Daan

A short biography of Peter Van Daan (pels)

Peter was born on November 8 1926. He moved to the Netherlands in 1937. He moved into the annex in 1942 and was arrested in 1944. In 1945 Peter was killed.

Standing up to do what is right

In the diary of Anne Frank, the theme “standing up to do what is right” is seen in the play a few times. There were times in the play where characters had to do something instead of doing nothing about a problem. An example was when the mysterious man was bribing mr.kraler to not tell the police about the book case that wasn't there before.”He was standing staring at the bookcase… Your bookcase. he said thought he remembered a door there. Then he told me he wanted more money”(415). Since he got blackmailed the other man would have probably would have told the police.but it was a good thing that mr.kraler didn't tell the criminal that there were Jews up in the room. Another example was when Peter ripped off his Star of David. “I’m sort of a lone wolf(he starts to rip off his Star of David)”.(377)

Having faith in hard times

In the diary of Anne Frank a constant theme was having faith in hard times makes things.easier. In the story the Franks and Van Daans couldn't survive for two years without food and water so Miep and mr kraler play a huge role here because they wouldn't have survived without them.”Mrs.Frank(softly,praying)”(408).the Franks showing faith in God is important too because it connects the families together. Another example of having faith in hard times was when Mr. Van Daan was hoping that miep brought a pack of cigarettes. “Mr Van Daan: At last I'll have some cigarettes!)(389).


In the diary of Anne Frank the character Peters object that represents him is is mouschi because Peter usually spent all day playing and taking care of mouschi. I…I...I thought I'd better get some water for mouschi before(379). I'm going to give mouschi his dinner(383).If he goes I go(406).that is why Peter is like mouschi.