LGTH Monthly Staff Newsletter

January 2016


We had a wonderful first month at LGTH, and we are looking forward to welcoming new teachers and children to our school this month. As things get busier, please remember that we are more than happy to come help out in your classrooms. We really enjoy interacting with the kids and helping your days run smoother, so please don't hesitate to call us!

Your Directors,

Melissa and Sarah

News and Reminders

  • Temporary Assistant Director Position: As you are all aware, Sarah Szuminski is pregnant and due to have her baby around the end of March/beginning of April! While Sarah is on maternity leave there will be a temporary Assistant Director position available. This position will last for approximately twelve weeks. Qualifications for this position include a finished Bachelor's degree with at least 18 semester credits pertaining specifically to Early Childhood Education. If you are interested in this temporary position and are unsure if you meet the qualifications, please let Melissa or Sarah know. Also, if you are interested in this position let us know no later than January 15th. We will be conducting interviews in the near future.

  • Music: Make sure only child friendly music is being played at all times. If you would like more cds to add to your collection, see a Director.

  • Cell Phones: Cell phones should ONLY be used in your classroom to take pictures of the kiddos. They should be put away immediately following. Thanks!

  • Daily Seeds: Please be sure to have your families initial next to the time they drop their child off. This is a DCFS requirement and will be checked when our rep visits again in January.

Shout Outs!

-"Sarah Feeny has been working so hard! Especially without an assistant. She's awesome!"

-"Shout out to Dorothy for being a great resource and helping me create some ideas for future lesson plans."
-"I would like to shout out Maggie from Azalea for stepping out while Sarah was out sick. You rock!"

- "Melissa, your cookies were bomb.com!"

-"Shout out to Sarah Fink for keeping a positive attitude and smiling face even though she had the flu!"

-"Shout out to Julie for making those awesome snowflakes!"

Please welcome new LGTH staff members:

Brittney will be our food prep! We're excited to have you here Brittney!

Ishita will be the morning aide in the Hazel classroom!

Linda is the afternoon aide in the Hazel classroom. Welcome Linda!

Don't forget to recognize your co-workers! Shout out box is located in the staff lounge.


Big image
This month's resource is from a cool website called Nurture Store, which features lots of different creative ideas for play and art. They compiled a list of 52 different items to paint with, complete with links to examples of those items being used in art projects. A cool way to kick off the new year with lots of creativity!!

Check out the list here: 52 Painting Ideas


Friday, Jan. 1st 2016 at 9pm

1929 North Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

Final Friday

Friday, Jan. 29th 2016 at 7-9am

1929 North Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

Feel free to wear jeans and enjoy a surprise!