Extra Points Assignment

Negin Farsad Presentation

Extra credit opportunity for attendees

Please write a 1.5-2 page summary and commentary on Negin Farsad’s presentation. Your response should discuss some of the topics she covered as well as discuss your own thoughts on the how American society needs to detail with the problem. Also, create a Works Cited page using your LDK to document an oral presentation/live speaker.

Extra credit for non-attendees

Visit the following two webpages and review the information. The first is full of statistical information regarding the current national and international opinions on Muslim society and Islam. The other is a short video relying mostly on Pathos to make its point. Using the two as a starting point, discuss the conclusions you reach on the issue of Islam and Islamophobia in the US in a 1.5- 2 page commentary. Be sure to refer to specifics in both sources to receive maximum credit. Also, provide a Works Cited page with both sources.


Both Extra Credit assignments will work in the same way. They will count as a SWA that can be used in a couple of different one ways. The first is a replacement. You may replace any current SWA grade you have with the grade you receive on this assignment. However, if you had previously not submitted the SWA, the highest new grade will be a 40/50. The second is a cap grade. You may cap-off any SWA grade for up to 50 points. For example, if you previous SWA grade was a 30, you could cap it to a 50 with a good grade on your extra credit assignment.

All assignments are due not later than 3-28-16 in the Extra Credit dropbox for your section.